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  • April 11 2023

Venus in Gemini

While Venus transits through Gemini you may feel more attracted to those that you can connect with on a intellectual and similar mentality level. Gemini energy is a lot more fast-paced and quick compared to Taurus, wherever you may have slowed down the past month in areas related to Venus: love, finances, values, material possessions and beauty, you may begin to see things pick up the pace again or feel a need to get the ball rolling again.

Watch out for falling into any lower expressions of the Gemini energy like being unfocused, inconsistent, and nervous, let go of any feelings that you need to rush something or that something isn’t happening quick enough for you. Gemini, being an Air sign is known to be more of a Masculine or yang energy, wanting to go-go-go, gets bored easily and quickly moves onto the next thing, or in the case of relationships, people.

When it comes to connecting and relating with others, you may prefer more meaningful or insightful conversations during this transit, may feel more curious and open to listening to other people’s point of view or to share your views with others – although try not to be too pushy or judgemental and try to tap into being more flexible, adaptable and try to look at things from both sides or perspectives. Gemini teaches us to do our own research and gather information to then bring it all together and use discernment when it comes to determining what your Truth is.

Allow yourself to open up to learning or gaining wisdom through your experiences with other people. As an air sign, Gemini energy can feel a bit scattered and nervous at times, which may bring mental confusion or uncertainty about what decision you should make. May find it challenging to stay focused on one thing at a time. Try to slow down and connect with your heart, the Gemini energy may influence us to get a little too caught up in our thoughts that we must tune back into the energy of Venus and ask our heart what it wants and needs. During this time try to find ways to ground yourself and quiet your mind if you are noticing themes of overthinking, anxiety or chaos.

The symbol of Gemini is the twins – signifying duality, versatility, and communication. A great time to potentially work on any communication issues or imbalances if you’re in a romantic relationship or even with business relationships or partnerships. May also seek to gain more information around finances – feeling curious about new ways to invest, or how you can sharpen your intellect. May even be a great time to really hone in and start gathering information or deeper research on things you love or feel passionate about. Gemini loves to exchange – especially when it involves information, so with Venus in Gemini, you may feel more called to do some sort of energy exchange – whether it be through sharing services with each other, an exchange of gifts or knowledge, or simply a balanced exchange of giving and receiving.

A great time to reflect upon the knowledge or wisdom you hold surrounding love and finances – as well as what information you would like to learn regarding love/relationships and finances or other Venus-related areas. Gemini does represent connectedness, a reminder that you can be both the student and the teacher. As we all have something we can teach and something we can learn, Gemini in Venus truly shows the beauty of exchange, intellectual connection and learning from each other in harmonious and unified ways.

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