Venus in Leo


As Venus moves out of Cancer and into Leo on July 11th, the energy shifts from a need for security, emotional connection, and fulfillment to a desire for more affection, physical connection, and playfulness. During this transit, we may feel more passionate, warm-hearted, and demanding. There's a strong need for love, admiration, physical touch, compliments, and gifts. This period is ideal for focusing on self-love, as we crave to be loved and admired. However, it's important to avoid seeking external validation excessively. Instead, fill yourself with love, compliments, and treat yourself to little gifts.

On July 12th, Venus at 1 degree Leo will oppose Pluto at 1 degree Aquarius, potentially bringing intense and transformative experiences in love and relationships. This aspect may uncover deep-seated issues and power dynamics, urging us to address them. By July 19th, Venus at 9 degrees Leo will trine the True Node at 9 degrees Aries, encouraging us to align our romantic pursuits with our true path and destiny. This harmonious aspect supports bold and courageous expressions of love.

Later, on July 30th, Venus at 23 degrees Leo will trine Chiron at 23 degrees Aries, offering a healing opportunity through open-hearted and affectionate connections. This trine allows us to address wounds in relationships and find solutions through love and understanding. Finally, on August 2nd, Venus at 26 degrees Leo will square Uranus at 26 degrees Taurus, bringing sudden and unexpected changes in love and financial matters. This square may challenge our fixed ideas about love and prompt innovative thinking and adaptability.

Take the time to appreciate yourself and introduce new self-care rituals into your daily routine—positive affirmations, mirror work, or writing a love letter to yourself. Our ability to express love and feelings more confidently and boldly will increase, along with a need for honesty with ourselves and others.

In relationships, we may crave more excitement and playfulness, feeling ready to stir up some drama and excitement in our love lives. Venus also rules finances, and when in Leo, we tend to be more generous with money. It's a great time to treat yourself, pamper yourself, and embrace your inner royalty. This period is ideal for building confidence and recognizing your worthiness of love. Leo's love to show off, so if you're in a relationship, you might feel called to shower your partner with love, affirmations, and gifts.

This transit brings a desire to be grand, bold, and spontaneous, wanting to show others how amazing you truly are. Sexual desires may increase, making it more challenging to separate sex from love. During this time, we simply want to feel loved and appreciated. Leo's romantic nature makes it a perfect time to spice up your love life with romance and new adventures.