• Expressing Affection
  • September 29 2022

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra is a time to really up the self love, to learn to be more independent vs co-dependent, and to learn to no longer rely on others for validation, but to learn to validate ourselves and fill up our own cup, with love, compassion and abundance. If you are in a relationship during this transit it’s a great time to assess any imbalances within the relationship, is one partner giving more and one partner receiving more? Its an amazing time for learning how to compromise and work together aside your differences.

Venus in Libra can indicate natural charm, social grace, good looks, social ideals and affectionate nature break down all barriers - you will have more opportunities for romance. To a very marked degree your general well-being and emotional health depend on sound and meaningful relationships - both social and romantic. Generally, you can feel more laid-back, easy-going and hate any form of discord - you will go to great lengths to avoid social and domestic conflict.

Libra seeks to make everyone involved happy and wants to find ways to work together in a harmonious way. This transit may bring a focus on balancing our internal Feminine and Masculine energies and finding ways to unite the two. For some there may be an emphasis on finances, learning to use and spend your money more wisely, allow the Venusian Libra energy to remind you that you are abundant in nature, use this transit to work through any scarcity or lack mindsets.

This transit invites us to heal any love-wounds, to find a balance of giving & receiving, to let go of the idea that you are only loved if others love you, and to begin to love yourself so deeply that no one else needs to fill the void!

Useful Venus in Libra Crystals