• Craving Intensity
  • September 10 2021

Venus in Scorpio

With Venus in passionate and profound Scorpio there will be a focus on deep emotional connection. Scorpio is all about being intense and intimate. This transit may really motivate us to claim our sexuality and sensuality.

There will be a strong desire to go deep within ourselves, as well as to have deep connections with others. During this time we don’t just want to connect on a surface level but on a soul level. This may illuminate sexual traumas, shame and insecurities, making it a great time to re-evaluate your perceptions of sex and intimacy. To begin building healthier, more empowered perceptions. Many may be interested in exploring sacred sex, tantra and womb magic.

This transit will likely bring healing, transformation and soul bonding experiences. Many may feel a strong desire for change, a need for something more exciting, meaningful and maybe a bit mysterious. Scorpio is very much “all or nothing” energy so be cautious during this phase of going so far to the extremes to the point where it becomes obsessive.

We must also watch out for any jealously and being controlling or possessive over our partners. For those who are in a relationship, this transit may really expose whether or not this relationship is satisfying you on a deep emotional, spiritual and psychological level. If there is something you are hiding or secrets are being kept, its very likely they may be revealed during this time. This transit can really make or break your relationship, likely will bring some intense emotions and challenges, but it may also be very transformative, empowering and may create a deeper bond.

Venus in Scorpio does favour making investments, re-evaluating shared resources, or to begin sharing resources. If you aren’t in a relationship, you may really be searching for a soul-connection, possibly considering long-term relationships rather than superficial relationships.

Use the energy of Venus in Scorpio to reconnect with and claim your divine sexuality, free yourself from any sexual traumas, fears of intimacy and any low vibrational energies of jealousy, possessiveness and manipulation. Develop deep soul connections and seek out what true love and connection is to you.