• Material Attraction
  • April 14 2021

Venus in Taurus

It’s time for a Venus to move out of fiery Aries, where she has made her home for the last several weeks, into slow, delicious, luxurious Taurus! On the 14th of April, she enters this, her “home” sign. Venus is domicile in the sign of Taurus, which means that the planet of love and beauty can function at her very best!

When Aphrodite is here, her energy becomes soft, nurturing and romantic. Venus in Taurus knows how to live life to the fullest, and little expense is spared in the pursuit of pleasure! Of course, Venus in Taurus is known for being possessive and cautious, too – she knows where every penny is spent and how!

When it comes to relationships, Venus’s domain, we can experience them collectively as that much more stable, committed and secure. Venus in Taurus doesn’t crave the adventure that Venus in Aries did. Venus in Taurus is a time where we take our own time, where we move cautiously, methodically and with a sense of purpose in our relationships.

April and some of May are sensual months, and engaging our sense of touch, taste, smell (Venus in Taurus adores this particular sense), hearing and sight will bring us immense gratification! This is a period in which we can fully indulge – guilt -free – and take those bubble baths, buy that expensive coat, eat at our favorite gourmet restaurant! It’s a season to lay on a chaise lounge, so to speak, and idly eat fruit as the world goes by.

The only interruption to this luscious lazing around is the jarring conjunction of Venus and Uranus about a week later; in which we can feel a collective push for freedom, to dive out of our comfort zones (which Taurus so loves!) and into a space of uncertainty.

However, we might find that over this time, we are more easily able to access – and enjoy – experiences and people that are different to our own experiences and personalities. Yes, we might experience a few shocks out of the blue, but these don’t necessarily have to upset the whole apple cart, if we are open to change. This is particularly true when it comes to our finances, so all that luxuriating may have a bit of a surprising effect, in which we either lose out hugely, or gain just as hugely. Maybe a bit of both!

Venus also will square both Saturn and Jupiter at some point too, which brings a brief time of two seemingly opposing forces – briefly restricting affection, pleasure and fun, and then going to excess to make up for it. It’s important that we try to walk the fine line this month, then, between either pulling back too sharply, resulting in feelings of insecurity, disconnection and fear, or on the flip side, going too full tilt, which will result in regret over wastefulness and over-indulgence!

Towards the end of Venus’s journey in Taurus she trines seductive Pluto, which brings powerful attractions, sexual magnetism and a pleasant intensity to our relationships! This planet leaves Taurus on a high note then, where we experience feelings of empowerment and even transformation when it comes to both love and money.

Like the feeling of leaving a warm, luscious bubble bath where all the candles were lit and a delicious glass of wine was drunk, we emerge from the Venus in Taurus season feeling delightfully limber, comforted, nurtured and pampered!