Venus in Virgo


Venus moves out of Leo and into Virgo on October 10th bringing in a more careful and critical approach when it comes to all things Venus: love, relationships, money, beauty, values, financial investments and behaviours. While Venus moves through Virgo, we may feel influenced to take a more careful and serious approach in our relationships, by checking in and making sure those we surround ourselves with have a positive impact on our well-being. Some may feel more closed off and cautious about who you let in or allow yourself to be close with.

Venus is actual debilitated in Virgo, its really not Venus’ favourite sign to transit through. This is mainly due to Virgos closed off, reserved, critical and meticulous approach. Those with Venus in Virgo are known to have quite the high expectations and may struggle to really understand and experience unconditional love because they require so many conditions and standards.

This is a great time to reflect upon where you may be overly critical toward yourself and others. Do you show yourself enough self love and compassion, or do you often find yourself being extremely critical and hard on yourself?

As well looking at how critical and judgmental you can be toward others – how can you be more compassionate, giving and nurturing toward others. Although if you’re someone who often finds yourself giving away more of your time and energy to others over yourself, it’s the perfect time to reflect upon how you can develop a balance between service to others and service to self.

When it comes to self-love and beauty, its important to remind yourself not to be critical and stuck in comparison. The goal is not to look like someone else or to be accepted by someone else, the goal is to love and accept yourself for all that you authentically are. To learn to let go of any unrealistic ideals of beauty standards and attachments to perfectionism. A great place to start is looking at some of the insecurities you hold, and some of those negative intrusive thoughts that you have. Where do they stem from? What makes you feel this way? How can you show yourself more love, acceptance, and forgiveness?

When it comes to money and finances, may the Virgo energy inspire you to get organized and in control with your finances. Paying attention to the details more and working on overcoming any bad habits or tendencies for over-indulgence. Reflect upon how you can be more careful and disciplined with your money, what could you possibly invest in that would benefit your future? Ask yourself how you can be more practical with the way you spend your money. Leave it to the Virgo energy to help motivate you to get your finances in order.

While Venus transits through Virgo, may you allow yourself to be more caring, thoughtful and accepting toward others and yourself. Find ways to overcome and navigate any critical thoughts, rather than focusing on all the things that seem to be going wrong, allow yourself to see the silver lining. Get away from complaining and step into appreciating the little things. Its about coming to an understanding that everything doesn’t need to be perfect in order to find beauty, love and a sense of peace.