Full Moon in Capricorn


July 3rd welcomes a strong, grounded and abundant Full Moon in Capricorn. Why abundant? Isn’t Capricorn known for being a cautious and realistic sign, not exactly prone to bursts of expansion? Well, the reason of this is because Jupiter, Archetype of growth and generosity, is angled to this Full Moon via a flowing, easy trine aspect.  This soften and ripens the stern energy of Capricorn, inviting material opportunities and fruitful culminations.


Look back to December 2022. What began around that time? What intentions were planted then? How are those intentions paying off right now? Jupiter tends to bring copious rewards – he is the Giver of Gifts, after all. In Taurus, Jupiter is all about physical gains – money, security, property, work stability and so on. This energy is also about enjoying the pleasure of having done a good job – which is what Capricorn symbolizes.  


Granted, it is said that gentle La Luna isn’t at her best in reserved Capricorn. And, usually, she’s not. Expressing feelings isn’t easy here. Yet, it’s an excellent placement for getting the job done and cultivating a no-nonsense attitude. Here, the Moon is doing the ‘adulting’ thing. The thing we all need to do. The thing that can be oh-so-satisfying.


The Sun, placed in childlike, home-loving Cancer, gifts us with the chance to balance external success and achievement with a stable inner foundation. This is so that we’re able to pursue the goals closest to our hearts. And so, our Inner Child and our Inner Adult are getting the rare opportunity to work together in harmony to serve our need for both internal and external safety. It’s a good feeling.


The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is also well-placed at this Full Moon in the sign of Pisces – but more than that, he’s also in a supportive trine to the Sun. So, both La Luna and Sol are both being held up by powerful planets, both with flowing aspects. This is no coincidence. We’ve needed this break. Saturn balances Jupiter’s need for growth with conscientious constraint, a quality absolutely necessary if we want our success to last. Saturn is the one that brings the energy of endurance. That energy that says, yes, that urges us to go ahead and grow. But, that we also stay aware and know when to pull back and contain that growth, to integrate it.


So, take a good look at what’s culminating in your world right now. Is it a career path – which very likely, under the auspices of professional Capricorn – or is it financially-orientated? Or is it a more of a personal goal that you’re seeing is being completed at long last? Remember, Capricorn is the Dancer between worlds. The Magician. The one that takes the creativity and mysticism of the Fish - symbolized by the one half this sign – and alchemizes this energy into physical, 3D reality. There’s so much more to Capricorn than what meets the eye. So, where’s the magic unfolding for you, and how can you make sure that it lasts? What structures can you put in place, right now? Where can you meet the needs of your Inner Child for safety and security whilst honoring your Inner Adult’s desire for purpose and fulfillment? This Full Moon isn’t one in which these questions are hard to answer. In fact, the less effort we try to make, the more we allow the Universe to show us to a greater extent what we need, want and are deserving of, in the very best sense.