• Authentic Alignment
  • July 2020

Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, stations to begin its annual retrograde, in the sign of Aries, on July 11, 2020. Chiron has been transiting in the sign of Aries, since April of 2018, and will remain there until 2027. The retrograde phase is an ideal time to tap into the healing power represented by the asteroid. Especially this year, since Mars, the ruler of Aries, just moved into an exalted position in it’s home sign, next to Chiron. Mars, the planet of action, will remain in Aries with Chiron for the next 6 months, and will be in an exact conjunction with Chiron on July 13th, just after the retrograde begins.

Aries is a Fire sign that rules the first house of “I AM”. Mars, the ruler of Aries, represents our personal passion and drive. The conjunction of Chiron and Mars initiates a theme of purposeful action in the pursuit of healing.This aspect creates an energy of driven desire. With this phase of retrograde, a deep identity transformation is likely to unfold. A shifting of personal values as the depths of our inner wounds are traversed. A time to intentionally take part in the process of stepping into our personal power. 

Chiron is an Asteroid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus, linking out interpersonal planets with our slow, outer planets. This symbolizes a bridge between our inner wound and our outward expression of healing. Chiron has always lived in a world of taking care of itself. In Mythology, Chiron lived a life of trying to heal wounds of the inner child due to abandonment early in life. As a result of that difficulty, it was able to face the pain and transform it into powerful healing, for itself as well as others. The wounds served as a catalyst for embracing the path of the healer.

Chiron is an intuitive, philosophical, natural, and spiritual healer. It is wounded, but a Healer nevertheless. It represents the Soul’s mission in this life. A journey to access personal healing gifts by facing the shadows of the ego, and transforming the wound into a superpower. During this retrograde, what is desired for the future is being deeply transformed in order to empower the ability to step into one’s Soul purpose. Tapping into the powerful energy of this phase activates the strength of a Warrior seeking authentic alignment in life!

Some questions you may ask yourself with Chiron Retrograde

How have I grown as a result of my pain?

How have my opinions of myself been transformed?

What actions can I take to align with my purpose?