Full Moon in Aries


A Full Moon in the Warrior sign of Aries on September 29th brings to fruition events and intentions seeded on the New Moon during the Equinox of March 21st. This was a special New Moon, sitting at 00 degrees, right at the very start of a new season, in the very first sign of the zodiac. Thus, multiple new beginnings may have been undertaken back then. These beginnings are now coming full circle.

Aries is the sign of the Pioneer and the Risk Taker. The Individualist, the Fighter and the Soldier. This is the most independent, courageous sign of all. Collectively, it’s productive to reflect where in our worlds we were brave enough to step up and take a risk. Where did we hit the reset button? What became fresh, new and exciting, way back then? In what way did we dare to be bold? Relationships, career moves, relocation and/or other major areas of our worlds may have been shifted in very important ways.

Full Moons are also a moment in time where we can acknowledge any mistakes we made, any failures to launch. We get to review what worked and what didn’t. We get to release and let go so that, come the next new phase., we are wiser and more experienced.

Relationships are likely the most important theme at this time, seeing as the Sun is in Libra, as well as the ruler of this Full Moon, Mars. Balancing ‘me’ and we’ is key. We may need to release certain connections in order to better nurture our selfhood and personal path. Or, we may simply need to come to a better middle ground, which is not always easy for the willful Aries. Yet, the Sun and Mars are here to assist – if we allow their energy in.

The problem with this Full Moon, despite not having any major aspects to it, is the fact that Mars, as the ruler, is weakened in diplomatic Libra. Here, the Archetypal Lieutenant and Leader of the Cosmic Army is forced to make peace and be pacifying rather than stand his ground and pick up his sword. Here, he’s forced to take tea with his fellow diplomats and play nice. Furthermore, Mars is also uncomfortably conjunct the Moon’s Karmic South Node, further draining his energy and perhaps bringing up issues from the past - issues particularly linked to patterns of conflict in relationships. We may feel powerless to act, resentful or passive aggressive. We may fall into patterns of putting the needs of others ahead of our own, which, if we are honest with ourselves, only leads to a boiling inner anger.

Thus, channeling the assertive Aries energy to overcome these old, karmic patterns, is non-negotiable. Balancing this fiery assertion with the willingness to negotiate is the final puzzle piece that we can use to either walk away gracefully from relationships that are no longer meant for us, or to mend any broken bridges with tact and honesty. We can also use these skills to better channel our focus into that which will serve our highest personal growth an individualistic evolution. We might even learn to find the balance between walking our own path as well as keeping the people and things we love and care for with us as we bravely strike out into the known as we come to terms with the decisions and choices we made six moons ago.