Full Moon in Cancer


Not surprisingly, December’s sensitive, family-focussed Full Moon in Cancer is one that occurs annually . It’s a cosmic signal to slow down and spend time with who and what constitutes family for us - be that a beloved pet, a dear friend, partner or even ourselves. It’s an emotional time, and for some, can be challenging. This is a Full Moon that beckons us to nurture the child within, to attend to our deepest needs, just as any loving parent would do. For those who may have a wounded Inner Child, this calling is even more imperative to pay attention to. What constitutes nurturing for you? Is it taking the day to wind down from an intensive family gathering? Is it spending time with the family of our choosing - our friends, for example? Do we need to spend time in nature, in quiet contemplation? What does your heart call for at this Full Moon? More importantly, can you take the time to step up to that calling?


Because Full Moons indicate the closing of a chapter, we may wish to take a walk down memory lane and reflect on the last six months of the year. The New Moon in Cancer in July was the starting point for this particular journey. It’s time to close a door and look forward - not always easy for the sentimental crab. Yet, we don’t have to necessarily forget all that we’ve been through, nor the people who were integral to our experience. We can still carry a torch for who and what shaped and assisted us over these last several months. At the same time, unhealthy clinging may only hold us back, as we may discover over this Full Moon.


La Luna is particularly dignified in Cancer, her home sign. Strong, in tune with her feelings, she's sympathetic and intuitive. She knows, deep down, what to do. She always has. With the Sun in practical Capricorn, we learn to balance this intuition with grounded action, with pragmatic realism. We align our goals with our inner knowing, learning to let go of the goals not  aligned to our soul’s journey. Tears may come, but in these tears lie deep healing. Both the Sun and Moon are angled to buoyant, optimistic Jupiter, reminding us that there’s always joy to be found. That growth is the promised result of release. Jupiter, the cosmic Guru, reminds us that things are always working for us, not against us. The strong alignment to Saturn from this Full Moon brings long-lasting rewards for work well done, for responsibilities attended to. The foundations we’ve laid over the last months are coming to fruition, and we’re liking what we see. The blood, sweat and tears have been worth it. With both Jupiter and Saturn on our side, the future looks promising.