Full Moon July 09 2017

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Full Moon July 09 2017

Unconscious Forces
July 09 2017

 This Capricorn Full Moon on July 9th at 17°  will be a very powerful Full Moon. The Moon conjunct Pluto opposite Sun and Mars creates such intensely hot energy that it will be difficult to control. This dangerous full moon has the potential to cause serious relationships problems if you let things get out of control. During Pluto’s long tour through Capricorn (2008–24), there are times when the massive changes indicated by this transit such as the dismantling of social systems, the dying of traditional structures and the expansion of the power paradigm can feel very personal.

Moon conjunct Pluto is penetrating, provocative and plunges us into the sea of emotions without fear. This Moon wants nothing less than to start dramatic and intense relationships that profoundly transform their soul. The closer this New Moon brushes with death and trauma, the more alive it feels. At this Full Moon July we may get obsessively involved with a project or person, but then suddenly swoop off alone to process the commotion we have created.

In relationships you may encounter controlling and manipulative behaviors like jealousy, guilt tripping, threats, intimidation, violence or self harm. Remove yourself from such negative and destructive people and environments.

Taking responsibility for our feelings is the key to navigating this emotional minefield. This Full Moon tests our response-ability — our capacity to respond to personal and collective events with maturity and an open heart. Spending time in nature and in solitude helps us to draw on the power of the Capricorn Moon to deepen into the wisdom of our bodies and strengthen our root system. The more grounded we feel in the truth of our being and in the eternal truth of existence, the greater our capacity to respond with wisdom and patience.

A sextile from the Moon to ecclesiastical Neptune quietly whispers that peace is possible and that we don’t have to strive for success at all costs. Mars in Cancer conjoins the Sun and opposes the Moon and Pluto is a volatile combination. It is important not to be overly assertive, egotistic, or resistant to change.  Change may be forced upon you or you may instigate it. The aim is to transform for the better. To evolve your soul so that you may live a better life and experience more satisfaction. This is quite a useful Full Moon if you don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by it. The purging aspects are strong which means it will be an excellent Full Moon for detoxification.

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