Full Moon In Gemini


“Leap and the Net Will Appear” is a common, usually very encouraging phrase, especially considering the enthusiastic energy of this Full Moon in curious, restless Gemini, opposing an adventurous Sagittarius Sun.  But what if we leap, and no net appears? What if we don’t know how far to leap, or where that leap will take us? Isn’t that the point of faith? Faith is, admittedly, hard to come by, with such a logically minded sign such as airy Gemini. That’s the domain of Sagittarius, after all.


Thus, as with all Full Moons, we may find ourselves at somewhat of a quandary, a crossroads. Eager to throw ourselves into the next new chapter, yet unsure of what we need to let go of to get there. See, restrictive Saturn is in a separating square to La Luna and the Sun – and Mars, incidentally. But more on that later. Because, more importantly, the ruler of this Full Moon – Mercury, the Archetypal Problem Solver - is placed in sometimes-scattered Sagittarius. This, in itself in not a bad thing. In fact, Sagittarius is a very honest, wise and bigger-picture placement for the Messenger God.

No, the problem comes in with Mercury’s partile (exact) applying square to Neptune. Applying means that the energy this reflects is only becoming stronger.

What energy is this?

Well, Neptune, at a lower vibration, (i.e.: when in a difficult aspect), can reflect confusion, illusion, disappointment. This particular aspect can be compared to walking around in somewhat of a mental fog. We may be facing two (or more) paths ahead of us, uncertain as to which one to choose, which one is best for our soul. The options facing us may be a buildup of the intentions that we undertook around six months ago, at the Gemini New Moon.

So, what do we do in the face of this mist, this fog? How do we clear our heads?

We take our time. We wait a hot minute, and we don’t take anything that happens right now at face value. We remind ourselves that all that glitters is not gold, especially when it comes to Gemini -ruled matters. This boils down to contracts, conversations, texts, emails, travel plans, deals, negotiations and so on. Maybe we’re deceiving ourselves, but could we also be in caught up in a web of deceit not of our own making? It’s essential now to balance knowledge with wisdom.

Trusting ourselves and turning to our inner voice to drown out the external noise is crucial. Tools such as Tarot cards can be illuminating, as long as we are asking the right questions. As long as we entrust the answer of Spirit and don’t ask twice. Intuition is the higher expression of Neptune. Trust it.

With the Saturn square both Sun and Moon, restrictions will be felt. Leaping into the void may not even be an option. Duty holds us. Responsibilities call us. It’s frustrating, but perhaps, a relief. Sometimes, limiting our options is exactly what we need.