• Finding Compromise
  • August 15 2019

Full Moon in Aquarius

This full moon on 15 August 2019 falls at 22º Aquarius decan 3 and pits the serious and principled qualities of Aquarius against the Sun in playful, creative Leo. The spirited Sun has strong backup from nearby Venus in Leo that emphasises an almost childlike innocence and joy. The more sensible and adult Aquarius Moon seems at risk of being outnumbered out on its own trying to make a serious point. Yet the Moon, Sun, and Venus are all in a t-square to asteroid Vesta in Taurus, suggesting that no single cosmic body among them has a huge advantage when it comes to harmony with others as there are tensions in all directions.

During the Full Moon in Aquarius, you may notice how your input on an issue has generated change for the collective good. Whether you have taken on the fight of the century or confronted a local community issue, you should feel pleased that you have made a difference in your corner of the world.

Change is something that people generally try to avoid but now is a great time for all kinds of change whether its to do with your style or personality, or how you relate with your friends or partner. Continue the process even further. Rely on friends for their support. Be completely open to quick flashes of insight and offbeat ideas.

This could feel awkward for some of us, but it might work out for the best, particularly if there seems to be no way at this time for everyone to see eye to eye. Finding peace, may be a matter of accepting the differences between us and agreeing to disagree.

You may already be experiencing stress, anxiety and unexpected changes in your love life from the July 31 new moon. This highlights the need for patience, understanding, and unconditional love over the coming two weeks.

Sun conjunct Venus focuses attention on your love life, creativity, and finances. On its own, this is a peaceful, harmonious, affectionate, and sociable influence, a good omen for friendship and romance. But the polarity created by the full moon can bring relationship tension and financial pressures.

For karmic reasons, someone may come into your life, cause drama and then leave. Are you drawn to certain people just to fulfill some hidden emotional need? You could also form relationships with people who try to control you, invade your privacy and take away your freedom.