• Reclaiming Authority
  • August 12 2022

Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon in Aquarius on 11 August is the very last of a series of Supermoons, a cycle which began in May 2022. Although this Full Moon is not as powerful of a Supermoon than last month’s, it still packs quite a punch.

Configured to both of Aquarius’s ruling planets – Saturn and Uranus – in an astrological pattern known as a T-Square, this lunation is bound to have some tension and challenge. T-Squares indicate enormous potential, yet often, there’s a crisis that prefaces a large shift. We can think of this as a pressure cooker, ready to explode if we don’t hold the tension firmly in hand and direct it in the most constructive way possible.

There are also very contradictory energies at play, seeing as Saturn is within three degrees of a conjunction to this Full Moon, an aspect speaking to prudent self-restraint and structured action. Yet, Uranus is also in aspect via a tight square, within one degree. Both planets will vie to influence this Full Moon, urging us to break free of our bondages, yet also inviting us to be cautious and disciplined.

So, how do we hold this in balance? How do we get to the other side, free, yet not having completely destroyed all of the careful structures we’ve built since the New Moon in Aquarius in February of this year? Well, we put to work the principles of both innovation and tradition. We walk the tried-and-tested path, yet allow for progressiveness to infiltrate our carefully laid plans. Sure, there will be quite a few things we won’t have planned for that are likely to happen – perhaps the sudden shifting of our social circles, the realization of a goal (although perhaps not in the way we envisioned it!) or the unloosing of the chains that have kept us suffocated

Not everyone will feel comfortable with the rapid and suddenly-shifting energies. Some of us will cling to the status quo, holding tightly onto ‘how things used to be’. But we do need to channel the forward-thinking quality of Aquarius and fully embrace the new, knowing that the old does not have to be lost in order for us to progress into a new paradigm. And perhaps that paradigm is just within our own little world – perhaps it’s starting right on our doorstep before spilling out onto the collective. After all, isn’t that how revolutions happen? Like a seed, they grow and become a fully-fledged plant.

So, what has grown for you since February this year? How have your goals changed, your ideals, your beliefs? What knowledge have you gained - and what opinions do you need to let go of? Aquarius is often guilty of going into ‘know-it-all’ mode, so how can you be more open-minded during this time?

Important to note is the conjunction of the North Node to Uranus, with Mars nearby – in terms of the collective, this indicates very sudden, startling and enormous forward movement, sudden liberation, freedom, or even conflict. We do have to stay grounded, harnessing the energy of wise Saturn to accept responsibility, stand in our authority and overcome any fear or insecurity that may rise up during this time.


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