• Healing Trauma
  • January 17 2022

Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon in sensitive Cancer is one of the most emotionally challenging – and healing – lunations of 2022. Occurring at 27 degrees of the crab at 6.48pm ET on January 17th, La Luna will be urging us all to put the past to rest.

Having such an intense Full Moon so early in the year is a cosmic opportunity to purge and let go of old wounds that may have been holding us back; particularly wounds carried with regards to our inner child, heritage, family and roots. We may be emotionally pulled right back into a past situation and the choice lies within us to ruminate, or recreate.

The reason for this intensity is due to the watery, emotional nature of the sign of Cancer, but more so, the fact that Pluto is linked via an opposition to the Full Moon, with only one degree of separation. This is an extremely strong aspect, which only grows in power. Pluto, as the archetypical God of the Underworld, is direct at the moment, offering us all the opportunity to evolve or dissolve. To transmute, transform, to regenerate.

Seeing as this planet is associated with trauma and wounding, with psychology and shamanic energy, this is a great time to seek out the services of someone we trust with our whole hearts. Someone that we can be truly vulnerable with and unload our past onto, someone to hold space whilst we shed healing tears. Tears which help to nurture and parent the wounded inner child. The axis of Cancer and Capricorn (where the Sun is situated during this Full Moon), is all about finding security. Security within, and security without.

It’s also about balancing our inner archetypes of parent and child, and noticing if there is a critical, stern or insecure inner voice, a voice we need to temper with gentleness and empathy. The empathy of Cancer is limitless as is this sign’s kindness and caring nature. The boundaries of Capricorn can serve us well and help us find grounding during this Full Moon, but we do need to be mindful of being too rigid with ourselves and others. Again, balance is key.  

It’s also worth keeping in mind that both Mercury and Venus are still retrograde, making relationships and communication harder in general. However, this is a lunation where reflection could serve us extremely well. This is what retrograde energy asks of us. We cannot keep going in a linear direction, as much as our ego may tempt us to. Sometimes, the soul just needs to retreat and rest, and retrograde periods are perfect for that. For now, working on our inner world is enough. Staying mindful through family crisis or conflict is enough. Being kind to our wounded inner child is enough. Allowing climaxes and culminations to happen, for things to fall away, is more than enough.


If we can allow, instead of control, that will be an achievement. Pluto loves to make us think we’re in charge, but that is simply an illusion. The only control we ever have is the control over our own actions and how respond to situations unfolding around us. This is the definition of true power, and the higher vibration of Plutonian energies.


Astrology helps us to be prepared, and with this stormy Full Moon, forewarned is forearmed. When we know what to expect, we can fully relax into the arms of the universe and trust in the unfolding of our experiences, however intensified they may be.

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