Full Moon in Capricorn


A second Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn unfolds on July 21st, at the 29th degree. This degree is known as 'Anaretic', symbolizing the culmination of all the wisdom of whichever sign it falls into. Capricorn is already, in and of itself, the Archetype of Wisdom. It’s also the Archetype of the Mystic, what with the Sea Goat representing the balance between the material and the spiritual/creative.

And so, this Full Moon brings, for the second time, to fruition any undertakings along these lines that began in January of this year, with the New Moon in Capricorn. It’s a final curtain call, an invitation from the Universe to wrap up any unfinished business. Especially professional business. Business related to our calling. Or, what we thought was our calling but has perhaps either become redundant or needed to evolve.

There's an element of letting go now, as well as of urgency. There’s a call for our focused attention as we bring to a close all that needs to be purged so that we can start afresh. Pluto is just one degree away from La Luna, lending even more urgency and perhaps a sense of crisis. Yet, in Greek, the word "Crisis" simply means decision, a turning point.

What decisions need to be made now? How can we find a security that works for us, both in our personal lives and in our worldly environment? How can we get our emotional needs met while still honoring the responsibilities and duties that Capricorn always signifies?

First, we can learn to let go. To release control. We can tune into the exact, to-the-degree trine between the Sun and Neptune, the sextile between the Moon and this same planet, to access divine guidance. Our guides and angels are easily accessible. The flow is revealing itself to us, if we only open our eyes to the signs.

Mars and Pluto are also flowing towards each other in an exact trine at the 0 degrees of their own signs. This signifies that new and important beginnings will undoubtedly unfold, even as doors close. We can and will get what we want, if we believe and work for it hard enough.

Pluto, as the higher octave of Mars - the higher expression - stops at nothing to attain his desires There's a certain obsession here, even ruthlessness. Because these two planets are at 0 degrees, it’s important not to stumble into the immature expression of the energies. To want something simply for the sake of getting it may not be the best motivation. Let’s dig a little deeper. Ask the hard questions. Coming face to face with our true intentions is a brave but necessary journey during this powerful Full Moon. Saturn, as the ruler of Capricorn, is being slowly squared by Jupiter, reminding us of the need to balance our expansion with necessary limits - yet without blocking ourselves entirely from opportunity either. Balance, as always, is one of the messages of this cosmic story.