Full Moon in Capricorn


The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 22nd is the first of two. There’s another one a month from now, on July 21st. This is a rare cosmic event, notwithstanding that this Full Moon also happens to be unfolding on the Solstice - a rare, magical time of manifestation and powerfully symbolic

Looking back at the start of the year, there’s an invitation to review what was initiated back with the Capricorn New Moon, particularly in the material realms of profession, goals, and overall vocation. What’s coming to fruition now? What decisions need to be made? What can we let go of, knowing that we’ve taken the most responsible, structured route possible? Knowing that we’ve done our utmost best and given it our all?

Full Moons are a golden opportunity to take what’s worked, and leave what hasn’t. The collective atmosphere may be somewhat pessimistic, unless we choose to adopt an attitude of grounded realism. It’s necessary now to accept our limitations whilst still celebrating all of our (many) achievements to date.

Opposing La Luna is the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, all in Cancer. Here, we are tasked to ask ourselves exactly what constitutes security for us. Where might we be indecisive, not trusting our instincts nor the nudges of our intuition, but instead, perceiving only cold, hard reality? There isn’t just one side to this cosmic story. There are layers. There’s a balance between needing to get the job done - whatever that job might be - while still paying the closest attention to what our hearts are yearning for: belonging, safety, family, home, nurturing. Our roots need some tender loving care. We’ve been out in the world, slaying the dragons, achieving the goals, and finding success. We’re shining, but at what expense? Where could we be ignoring the messages coming from deep within? There’s a divide now between head and heart. Often, the longest journey that we can take is to bridge that gap.

With this in mind, make the choice to listen carefully. To find equal satisfaction in outer and inner success. For, in order to grow tall, our roots need to run deep. A question to reflect on now might be what we have had to sacrifice in order to meet a certain goal. Have we sacrificed passion for security? Love for safety? Have we been stuck in our heads and ignoring the wisdom of our hearts? Or have we been embroiled in subjective experience, avoiding the hard facts of a situation?

These issues and more may come to light under the glow of the Full Moon. Family patterns may be revealed. Workaholic tendencies come up. As always, there’s a cosmic offer to act differently and, thus, grow. To become aware of what’s being mirrored to us, via our professional or personal circumstances. Saturn, the ruler of this lunation, is still traversing Pisces with no aspects to any other planet. Thus, the karmic lesson to learn here would be to continue to find the softness in our strength.