Full Moon in Gemini December 03 2017


Full Moon in Gemini December 03 2017

Shifting Perception
December 03 2017

The Full Moon on the 3rd of December in Gemini, the sign of perception, tests our discernment and calls us into a deeper level of truth and wisdom. Neptune in Pisces will influence this Moon immensely as it closely squares the Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Sun, potentially stirring up confusion and distraction. Are we following our own truth, or are we overly influenced by societies version of truth? It is a time where our own perception can be heavily distorted by fantasy, ideology, judgments or past experiences. Lies and deception, loss and disappointment, theft, scandal and illness are very real possibilities during this two-week moon phase.

Moon square Neptune can bring strange feelings or experiences that leave you questioning reality. Chances are that you will not perceive things correctly. Do not make important decision based on first impressions. You could delude yourself or be deceived by others. The square from the Gemini Moon to Neptune points to the possibility of ignoring our feelings if they don’t make sense to our mind. The Sagittarius Sun can invalidate feelings that don’t align with certain belief systems or moral judgments. Sun square Neptune means the confusion, delusion and risk of deception and disappointment is far greater than with the Moon square Neptune alone.

Mercury stations retrograde only 8 hours before the full moon to also have a big impact on the full moon. Mercury stationing retrograde conjunct Saturn does mean this full moon is serious business, it will make this Full Moon feel extra heavy. 

To successfully navigate the tricky, mysterious energy of Neptune in Pisces, we need to quiet our minds and tune into the more subtle levels of reality, especially our feelings. Neptune is also the planet of imagination, and we’re advised to tap into the positive power of imagination to dream up our highest vision for ourselves and for the collective. A less useful response would be getting caught up in anxiety and worry about everything that’s wrong with ourselves and this world, and spiraling down into depression, overwhelm, and escapism. This challenging mutable t-square asks us to be open to shifting our way of seeing, and to trust what we can’t see the Neptune-ruled realm of the invisible.



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