Full Moon in Gemini


December kicks off with a frisky Full Moon in curious and clever Gemini on the 7th of the month. Exactly conjunct a retrograde Mars, this Full Moon is all about taking action on the myriads of ideas that are bound to be flowing in. Yet, at the same time, it’s important to be discerning about which of these plans to actually throw energy into. If we try and do it all at once, we’re bound to get burnt out and overwhelmed.

If there’s something we wish to communicate now, something we wish to close the door on, end or a path we wish to choose, we need to do it in a way that shows absolute courage of conviction.

Fortunately, this shouldn’t be too difficult of a task with the emotive Moon conjunct driven Mars. In fact, we may need to take a moment of pause before launching into any conversations or decisions. Mars with the Moon is highly reactive, and seeing as Mars is retrograde, we’ll need to make sure that we can actually back our words up with action – not only right now, in this moment, but also in the future. Consistency is not always the strongest quality of Gemini, but with a trine to Saturn at this time, it’s entirely possible.

Mars is also opposite the Sun in Sagittarius, inviting us to collectively balance conscious will with effort in the right direction. Synthesis of our conscious desires and physical output is essential, otherwise we may find that we simply waste energy on things that don’t serve us and may, at worst, exhaust us.

Spiritual activities to immerse ourselves in during this Full Moon should be talk-based. Understanding may reach new levels with the energy of Gemini at the helm. Who do you talk to? Who do you trust to give you a real, honest and unbiased opinion? This is the time to enlist the insight and wisdom of those who possess life experience.

Ruled by Mercury in sober Capricorn, we’re able to bring some structure to the chaos of this period, as well as pragmatism. Yet, with that said, Neptune close by to Jupiter and widely squaring both the Sun and Moon could reflect a tendency to become disillusioned, disappointed or deceived. Because of this, leaning into our innate intuition as well as our intellect is the key. All that glitters is not gold, so being sure that we can handle the consequences of what we release is a part of the maturation process of this Full Moon.

Events begun around the end of May this year are likely to come full circle now, so ask yourself what was undertaken then – what did you initiate? More importantly, what needs to be released so that a new perspective can come in? Gemini and Sagittarius are known as the ‘knowledge’ axis, so themes around education and expanding ourselves through travel and study are likely to manifest and become clearer over this Full Moon.

A reminder to carry during this time would be to remember that although we don’t know it all, we are always learning, always growing and open to change, in whatever shape or form that may come.