Full Moon in Leo


A dramatic, larger-than-life Full Moon steals the cosmic show on January 25th. Bringing to culmination the intentions kicked off on the Leo New Moon of August 16, 2023, this is a powerful cosmic moment of evolution and purging.

Opposing Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, the Leo Full Moon has a powerful roar. She roars her trauma, her pain, her travails of labor. She dies and is reborn. Something, somewhere, in our own life, needs to die in order to be reborn. Death is not without fear. No birth is without pain. These are necessary initiations, initiations which are necessary for our souls to experience during this cosmic portal. Pluto is associated with Shamanism, and nothing screams Shamanic louder than a mother calling forth her child from the Otherworld.

We are all metaphorical Mothers at this Full Moon. We are all bringing something into the world from the other side. We are all releasing that which doesn't serve our evolution back into the netherworld. We are all facing our shadows, our fears, our hopes and our dreams.

Pluto is intense. Leo is the Lioness. She is Sekhmet, Goddess of War. She is Isis, Goddess of Motherhood and the Sun. Together, these two archetypes open the door for us to express our most authentic selves into the world, whatever that may look like. Our old identities fall away with this Full Moon. Our skins are shed. Perhaps this is done through the crucible of a relationship ending, or through pain of an old trauma coming up for healing. Perhaps it’s done via the death of a career path or the experience of a child leaving home for the first time.

Yet, on the other side of this drama, lies peace. Lies power. When we've embraced the grit of Pluto and been willing to walk over the coals, we emerge iridescent and indestructible. We’ll have learnt that true power lies within. That no one can take it from us, because we’ve been through the worst case scenario. We’ve faced our monsters and made friends with them. We’ve held hands with our trauma, using breathwork, active imagination, parts work, therapy, play, somatic work and all the other tools available to us. We’ve found our roar again. And nothing can take it away.

Practically speaking, the Full Moon in Leo brings us all the opportunity to call into balance our present and our future. To integrate what we love with what we deem to be worldly success. We are called to balance friendship with love. To balance giving with receiving. To merge who we are as an individual with who we are in society. Because they both count. Both are equally important. And both roles / situations / goals need to be given equal validation. This validation - so important to Leo - most counts when it comes from the inside. So, look into the mirror. Acknowledge your strengths. Give praise where praise is due. Love Thyself is the most important reminder that this Full Moon gives us.