• Overwhelming Emotions
  • September 10 2022

Full Moon in Pisces

Our annual Pisces Full Moon happens on September 10 at 4:59 am CT / 5:59 am ET. A full moon in the sign of Pisces always occurs in Virgo Season, which is a time of year when we are encouraged to take our overall wellbeing seriously. This may mean undergoing a digital detox with the goal of returning to nature’s rhythms, or otherwise removing ourselves from situations that are draining our life force energy with no promise of replenishing it. This time can help us fully grasp the fact that our physical and spiritual health are strongly intertwined, and therefore both aspects of our being must be free of toxicity if we desire a life of deeper spiritual alignment and inner peace.

A square to Mars in Gemini tells us that this full moon presents us with the challenge of restless energy or an overstimulated nervous system. It is imperative that we make healthy choices that honor our body’s sensitivity, including more rest and less overwhelm. We may need to confront our own lack of faith or feelings of weariness before we can gain clarity of mind and action. There may be many things competing for our attention and ultimately distracting us from our path of continued evolution, to which we must respond by simplifying and releasing the excess.

The Pisces Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, co-ruler of this lunation alongside Jupiter. This conjunction enhances the mystical undertone of the moment as well as greatly increasing our intuitive abilities. Neptune’s presence offers us an escape from our mundane routines and encourages us to explore, daydream and envision new possibilities. With Jupiter in Aries as co-ruler, we must find a way to balance our personal need for freedom with our collective need for healing and compassion.

Uranus and the North Node are key factors in this lunation as they sextile the Pisces Moon. There is great potential to open new doors to the future at this full moon. We may find ourselves suddenly realizing new solutions or brainstorming ways to innovate in our unique circumstances. This energy can facilitate a deeper understanding of our personal values, and from there we can choose to walk our path consciously and with intention. Because Uranus is involved, this may require surrendering to radical changes from the norm.

This Full Moon also trines the Scorpio South Node. This creates a strong nudge to let go of something or close a chapter of our lives. This may involve detaching from outside noise and instead sourcing intuition and guidance from within. This energy may also support our ability to see the truth about something or someone which can help enable an emotional release.

Interestingly, this Full Moon in Pisces happens just as Mercury stations retrograde and opposes Jupiter. There is valuable information coming in, via tension, that may help expand our awareness. As Mercury takes its retrograde journey, this time may prove to be an extended release of a mindset, belief or relationship that clouds our view.


Content by Violet @healing.human.spirit

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