• Emotional Overload
  • September 02 2020

Full Moon in Pisces

The Pisces Full Moon occurs on September 1st at 10° 10:21pm pacific time and on the 2nd at 6:21am UK time. This is a particularly catalyzing influence supporting the strong astrological complexities building from now till the end of the end of the year and onwards.

 Full moon is a time of closure, culmination and completion as well as shining the light on any dark corners that have been hidden from the conscious. This is emphasized because Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is square the nodal axis which will become exact in January.

 Neptune is all about secrets, deception and illusion and with the full moon shining her bright light, we may experience revelations not only within, but especially around global affairs where disclosures reveal what is really going on and how it is that we have been misled.

 This is such a Feminine sensitive, intuitive and emotional moon. She is in a water sign and mutable, asking for flexibility and openness to change. So with all the energies brewing up it may heighten compassion, unconditionality and intuitive awareness, but also at a lower level it can lead to feeling overwhelmed, emotionally confused and scattered depending on where you are at in your life, and where she falls in your chart during this time.

 Alongside this full moon we have Venus at 25° Cancer in opposition to Saturn at 25° Capricorn. This axis creates a tension between a need for nurturing, comfort, security vs a strong sense of control, dominance and power dynamics .

 This Venus Saturn opposition also becomes part of a cardinal grand cross potentially pulling us in many directions if we are not self-aware. The Venus/ Saturn opposition squares Mars in Aries at 27°, representing individuality, forging forward as a pioneer, power, freedom and sovereignty.  Mars also conjuncts Eris the asteroid of discord and rebellion.  On the other side of the cross we have the Venus opposition Saturn squaring Haumea at 26°. Haumea represents the Goddess of and for the earth, childbirth and fertility. She conjuncts with Juno 24° in Libra who shows us where we seek balance and fairness.

 This indicates power dynamics of every kind in tension with a new order for fairness, respect and equality to the individual and for the community. The challenging collapse of the old vs the new, however that looks for you personally as well as globally for us as a collective. Our foundations are being stripped away from what we have known in this lifetime and rising from the ashes is the birth of a promise of the new which has been unfolding and continues for some time now.

 This full moon in a positive sextile to Uranus at 10° Taurus and opposite the sun in Virgo at 10°, lies in a beautiful trine also to Uranus now in a retrograde adding to the theme of not wanting to be constrained, nor controlled within the present global power dynamics of corruption and power. It’s also about freedom and innovation and the positive trine and sextile impact how these planets work harmoniously together creating change within our lives and collectively impacting our value systems and perception of the present status quo.

 The opposition of the sun to the moon of the Virgo Pisces axis creates a tension between logic, scrutiny and meticulousness vs expansion of the intangible and the eradication of the boxes within our psyche’s that keep us constrained.

 With Pisces we are given the opportunity to connect deeply to earth, Source and the Divine. Can we allow ourselves to access this sacred dreamy magical place beyond logic during this period where transcending and letting go of our outdated aggression and disillusionment around power is so necessary in order to manifest change that serves a healthier more expansive bigger picture not only within but also in support of the collective.