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Full Moon in Sagittarius June 17 2019

The full moon on June 17th falls at 25º Sagittarius. The Sagittarius Moon continues June’s strong Jupiter theme. Now the Sun is opposing Jupiter and the Moon, in Sagittarius. You may be prone to overdoing and over-giving, but we can be more confident that any such actions come from an instinctual place. 

We may also be more forgiving if we understand that there is a root to every situation, possibly one put in place long before someone had the maturity to consider any ill consequences of choices and actions.

Since the Moon is reflective and attuned to deeper feelings, we may also be sensitive to being judged for our behaviour and could try to hide it. But with Jupiter and the Moon in very open Sagittarius, keeping anything under wraps may be problematic under this Full Moon. Anticipate a bit of extra fuel on the emotional fire. Whatever feelings are getting stirred up for us, the volume on them is cranked up to eleven and it’s likely we will be wanting to express them.

The Jupiter–Neptune square, is part of the current lunar t-square. We should do all we can to access our empathy when faced with certain truths, even if we cannot fully appreciate the motivations behind particular actions. As frustrating as it is to come up against setbacks and roadblocks, we don’t have to see them as the enemy. With true Sagittarian optimism, we can choose instead to see them as teachable moments, opportunities to build character and gain mastery.

Because society is constantly changing and developing, and since planetary cycles are never identical, we must also expect some trends to change. Under this mutable, changeable Sagittarius Moon with Jupiter alongside, in its natural sign, the time seems right to seek out new areas and activities that can provide fulfillment.

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