Full Moon May 10 2017

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Full Moon May 10 2017

Inner Tension
May 10 2017

The Full Moon on May 10th at 20° Degrees Scorpio may add to a sense or urgency that we may have been feeling for the past few days or weeks. During Full Moons, we feel a push and pull between two opposing signs; in this case, the polarity is between Taurus and Scorpio. At best Scorpio can be deep, transformative, strategic, loving, and generous, with no room for superficiality. At worst Scorpio energy is controlling, manipulative, jealous, obsessive, vengeful, deceitful, and overly suspicious. Death and rebirth are also Scorpio themes.

The Mercury / Uranus conjunction in Aries encourages the most accommodating among us to be more forthright than usual. Sun Trine to Pluto makes us braver than we thought, and more resilient as well. We feel a strong sense of our personal mission and want to find ways to bring about the deep healing and transformation that is needed on the planet.

Alchemical Pluto is already a significant influence at this Full Moon, being planetary ruler of Scorpio but because it also at the apex of the t-square, ( Jupiter / Uranus / Pluto ) confrontations bring about necessary change. These aspects will be most disruptive if we’ve created only a superficial accord by saying “yes” when we really wanted to say “no.” The disparity between inner truth and outer expression will be creating tension within us. The psychological and transforming nature of the this planet can bring together the polarities in your life. This Full Moon will definetely promote some very intense and deep experiences. It will allow you to probe under the surface to solve mysteries or investigate crimes and secrets.

As if heeding the call, the Moon’s nodes change signs today, the North Node entering Leo and the South Node moving into Aquarius. Over the next 18 months, many who were once reticent to get involved will come forward to take center stage, finding within themselves the confidence and the enthusiasm needed to become the leaders they were meant to be.

Intense personal interactions will reveal exactly how you feel about someone and how they feel about you. It is important to be cautious about how you take action during this period. Is not a good time to be impulsive and it would be wise for you to think things through before reacting to anything or anyone, whether it is a conflict or some other situation that seems to require action. Greater power and influence over your own life allows for a positive transformation. Relationships will evolve to a deeper level or you will be free to move on. If you feel your life is a constant struggle, use the positive energy of the full moon to improve your life by eliminating something negative.

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