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Unexpected Rewards
Full Moon in Taurus October 31 2020
When we think of Taurus, we think of placid and hardworking characteristics. Taurus is associated with the farmer. It’s a creative sign ruled by Venus in all her luscious sensuousness. But there is also another side to Taurus. Just think of the Bull associated with Taurus and you can start to get a feel for it. Whilst this Venus-ruled sign is gentle when treated well, when you get on their bad side they can become extremely stubborn and angry. The Full Moon in Taurus brings us back to our instinctive nature and our relationship to the physical world around us. All Taurus wants is assurance that it has enough to survive. Opposite sign Scorpio is the reaper. This is why Taurus is sometimes associated with possessiveness and insecurity, because driving the need for physical comfort is the terror of death.
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