Full Moon in Virgo


February 24th’s Full Moon in Virgo brings to life the themes birthed in the middle of September 2023. It's the climax. The end of the story. The beginning of a new one.

With this in mind, it’s helpful to ask ourselves what the narrative of Virgo is. What the story of its opposite sign, Pisces, is, too. Because we can't discount the other side/sign of the Moon when it’s Full. Where the Sun lies - the masculine counterpart to La Luna - is just as important of a factor in this cosmic tale.

The keywords for this pair of signs are Service and Healing. It’s well known as the Healer’s axis. Virgo functions as the Healer in the physical world - the nutritionist, the doctor, the nurse, the psychologist. Pisces is the Energetic Healer - the Reiki Master, the Shaman, the Chakra Balancer, the Yoga Teacher. Virgo is practical where Pisces is not. Pisces is compassionate where Virgo is tough-love. They simply can’t do without one another. Like most other pairs of signs, they need each other in order to function holistically.

The question to pose at this Full Moon, the journal prompt, we might say, could be along the lines of where in our worlds we’ve received some much needed Healing. How has it served us? How have we, in turn, served the world? Where are the gaps? Where have we been neglecting ourselves? How can we bring a fuller, more integrated healing in? In what way can we be healthier, in both mind (Virgo) and spirit (Pisces)? Where can we let go of trying to control every tiny detail ( Virgo) whilst not becoming so woo-woo and drifty (Pisces) that we lose the threads of order entirely?

Some of us may face certain addictions, certain escapes. With Saturn close by in Pisces, opposing tender La Luna, there'll be work to do. Stern work. Arduous work. We’re not necessarily adept at voicing our deepest vulnerabilities right now due to the opposition of Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, to the Moon. Yet, balancing mind and heart is imperative if we wish to make wise decisions. Both these spaces have an important place. They deserve equal honoring.

The empowering trine to Jupiter from this Full Moon is the way out of potential insecurity and oppression, of flaw-finding and criticism. It reminds us of just how far we’ve come, how much we’ve grown. There's a delicious reward - in the material sense - awaiting us for the hard work we’ve done thus far. With this, we come to appreciate the confinements and limits of Saturn, the communication battles of Mercury. It’s given us the cocoon that we’ve needed for our Healing. Now, it’s time to fly.