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  • March 07 2023

Full Moon in Virgo

Just 1 day before Saturn shifts signs from Aquarius into Pisces, and 2 weeks before Pluto goes from Capricorn to Aquarius, a Full Moon in grounded, discerning Virgo unfolds.


Cosmically speaking, this means that we stand at the edge of a great precipice, and this Full Moon is the harbinger and precursor to these catalytic changes. Although Virgo is, technically speaking, an earth sign, being ruled by Mercury lends Virgo the energies of rational, objective air. Intelligent practicality is thus on our side as we navigate our way through this powerful energy shift.


The axis of Virgo-Pisces (where the Sun lies) is the axis of healing. Pisces employs the power of compassion and intuitive insight, whilst Virgo prefers tangibly useful acts to help guide, advise and fix problems. Seeing as balance is always a theme of any Full Moon, finding a middle ground between these two signs is what we need to be in order to find wholeness.


Releasing is also a typical Full Moon theme, and with this Full Moon, we need to release any habits, routines and practices that simply don’t work for us any longer. We may have held onto a particular routine for a very long time, thinking that it brings us comfort, when all it’s doing is stagnating us. Even our healthy habits can become limitations when we blindly follow them without assigning meaning. For example, if we’re simply going through the motions of meditating with our usual meditation that we’ve used for years, why not change it up a little? Reflect on whether you’ve absorbed and integrated these practices and move on – if it feels right.


This encouragement for something new is further emphasized by the strong trine aspect from La Luna to exciting Uranus. “Expect the unexpected’ is the mantra for this Full Moon, especially with Saturn and Pluto poised to move on and open up a whole new chapter for all of us. When we remain flexible and grounded, we’re in the best position we can be for what’s to come.


Mercury, the ruler of this lunation, is currently in Pisces, which isn’t the strongest sign for the messenger planet, but it does have gifts to bring. Intuition is one of them, as is psychic awareness, seeing the patterns beneath the words spoken, as well as rich imagination. All of these qualities are essential to tune into and use, so that our decisions can be led by the soul rather than the logical mind. Of course, Virgo always like so have a solid ‘plan’, but with this Full Moon, we do have to balance the need for structure with the free-flowing energies of Pisces. This is the only way we will be able to handle the unsteady and ever-changing liminal space of when planets ingress into new signs.


Guidance for this Full Moon includes inner and outer healing, releasing stagnant habits and routines, balancing structure and flow, adapting to unpredictable change, embracing freedom and applying both practicality and compassion to any situation we find ourselves in. Working with energy healers, our chosen psychologist, life coach, counselor or spiritual guide are excellent tools to use if there are moments of doubt or when there’s deeper healing to be done. 

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