Full Moon in Libra

Almost exactly on the heels of Pluto’s much-anticipated move from Capricorn into Aquarius, a Full Moon in balance-orientated Libra illuminates the skies. This lunation brings to fruition beginnings seeded around September of 2022. What relationship-orientated themes can you see coming into play now? What needs to be changed so that greater equilibrium can be created?
For many of us, this Full Moon may be the final signal that we need from the Universe to change course. To set ourselves free. To realign with our relational values and let go of what isn’t working anymore. Because despite our best efforts, things simply don’t always pan out the way we hoped or planned for. Certain people or situations that we may be holding onto might not be the best fit for us, as painful as that may be to admit.
If they are, then it’s crucial that we’re given the chance to grow and individuate. To separate from our relationships. If needs be, even if only psychologically. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter in independent Aries, there’s a stronger urge for autonomy. We can’t wait around anymore for someone to catch up. The wide world is beckoning, and we need to heed the call.
Yet, we do need to check ourselves to see if we aren’t perhaps being a touch impulsive. With the ruler of the Full Moon – Venus – connected to sometimes-reckless Uranus, it’s possible that we end up regretting our hasty actions. La Luna in Libra asks for a moment of consideration and calm. For a level head. To see things from all sides, and make a wise choice that honors everyone’s needs. Flip flopping between people-pleasing and reckless assertiveness is never going to solve anything. Find a way to compromise, suggests this Libra Full Moon.
If we feel lost and without a compass in the tricky field of relating, engaging with a mediator or expert is likely to help us find groundedness and direction. In the world of modern relationships, conscious connection is the only avenue we can take. After all, relationships aren’t here to simply serve our need for survival and companionship. They’re also here to help us expand and reach our fullest potential. If the people around us don’t support that, it’s time to have a rethink. Or, to simply have a conversation.
Pluto in Aquarius emphasizes this energy, being the sign of community and friendship. Thus, not only are romantic connections highlighted, but so are social ones. Deep, powerful transformations are now on the cards within these spheres. There’s a new paradigm emerging. With Pluto and the Full Moon energy, we need to be willing to purge and detoxify our connections in order to clear the slate. That is, after all, what Full Moon energy is all about.
We may even see a certain situation come to a climax after many months of building. This might be a relief, as we can finally get everything out into the open. Yet, before moving into the action that the Sun and Jupiter in Aries drives us towards, it’s essential to apply the intelligent rationality of Libra. This helps to ensure that we’re not acting purely out of desire, but from a place of conscious awareness