• Self Expansion
  • December 20 2022

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries on December 20th will encourage authentic self-love, courage, bravery and empowerment. The chance to reconnect to our deepest desires is available during this transit if we are willing to pursue exciting experiences. Centering your needs and wellbeing will be a major theme. However, it is equally important to be sure that your approach is not so competitive, impulsive or self-focused that you alienate yourself from others completely.

The central focus for Jupiter is to help us stretch and grow beyond our comfort zone. For example, if we are accustomed to neglecting our needs to please others, this transit may feel especially uncomfortable as Jupiter in Aries directs our attention to ourselves. Our task is to cultivate enough faith and optimism to trust the ever-unfolding exploration of our life by following our unique desires like breadcrumbs on a path. Jupiter will then help us accumulate experiences that widen our perspectives, satisfy our hearts and serve the spiritual pursuit of grasping timeless truths.

While in Aries, Jupiter will offer the rich opportunity to learn deeper truths about ourselves so that we may serve our soul’s evolution through responsible acts of self-acceptance and self-love. Jupiter in Aries reminds us that there is nothing inherently selfish about knowing yourself, embodying your boundaries and asking for what you need.

During this time, Jupiter will amplify the themes of Chiron in Aries that we have been working through since May 2018. For the past four years, Chiron in Aries has been illuminating painful experiences related to self-acceptance, identity, independence, oppression, survival needs and burnout to name a few. As Jupiter joins Chiron, we may find the chance to grow from the pain by seizing opportunities to reclaim and embody our desires.

This time may feel like a complete rebirth as Jupiter starts a new twelve-year cycle at the beginning of the zodiac. However, a complete shift of focus toward action without sourcing our intentions from the mind-body-spirit wisdom we learned from Jupiter in Pisces would be a mistake. Before you decide to act, check in with your mind, body, emotions and intuition. The power of this pause could mean the difference between acting on genuine inspiration or acting in a way you may regret later.

The last time Jupiter was in Aries was from June – September 2010 and again from January – June 2011. Think back to this time period and reflect on what was going on in your life. You are (probably) in a very different set of circumstances now as this spiral of time comes back around. How might this experience of Jupiter in Aries help you either grow beyond or heal something from 2010-2011? Jupiter will be in Aries until May 16th

Content by Violet @healing.human.spirit

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