Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus


From September 4th all the way until the end of the year, December 30th, Jupiter will be in retrograde for the first time since he entered earthy Taurus in May 2023. This 4-month period gifts us all with the opportunity to slow down and take stock. To assess where we’ve been growing, expanding, stretching, and enjoying the material opportunities that this transit has potentially brought us.

See, Jupiter’s superpower is to magnify anything he touches – especially when it comes to the sign that he’s in. Taurus represents the sensual world – the world of touch taste, smell and taste – making this 1-year period of Jupiter in Taurus very physically orientated. It’s a time of getting in touch with primal pleasure, with indulgence, perhaps even hedonism. A Taurus Jupiter urges us to focus on building – slowly and methodically – foundations that are lasting, foundations that ultimately make us feel comfortable, at home, nourished and nurtured. Our homes, bank accounts, furniture choices, quality of clothing – even our grocery cupboards – may be receiving a much-needed makeover during this time.

So, what can we expect with Jupiter doing his bumbling backwards dance? Retrograde both heightens and weakens the natural qualities of a planet. Thus, we might have been experiencing huge surges of growth, now followed by a period of what seems like contraction. The opportunities that we may have been enjoying could trickle to almost nothing, making us wonder what we’ve done to serve this sudden slow down.

We haven’t ‘done’ anything. Retrogrades are a necessary process of integration. Jupiter’s dark side is the tendency to mindlessly expand whatever he touches, so we may have also been experiencing outright materialism, senseless sensuality and pointless inflexibility – all shadow qualities of Taurus, shadow qualities which may emerge during this retrograde.

Yet, if we are wise and woke, we’ll find that instead of falling into the trap of lazy debauchery, we’ll, instead, take some time out to process what’s grown in our worlds. We’ll hit that pause button. We’ll take a much-needed walk in nature, book a retreat or weekend away, get a massage, cuddle up with our pets, eat nutritious, filling food and just be. We’ll wait for opportunities to swing around again, knowing that there is a natural ebb and flow to growth. Too much expansion and we’re left scrambling like an octopus with multiple arms, struggling to keep a hold of anything.


With this in mind, reflect. Reflect on where you’ve experienced this Jupiterian energy. Maybe it’s been very material-world, such as finances, home or career. Maybe you’ve experienced this on a relationship level, seeing as Taurus is ruled by Venus, symbol of all things connected to love. It’s no coincidence that Jupiter goes retrograde just the day after Venus going direct. We’ve probably had a few tough lessons to learn in the love department, lessons that we now need to allow to sink into our skin, into our bones.

During his retrograde, Jupiter receives a few notable aspects, namely the oppositions with Mars and Mercury doing the Lunar Eclipse of October 28th. This wakes up the dormant energy of this planet, perhaps even rousing him into action. Though, there will have to be a sense of balance, otherwise we may overstretch ourselves at a time where we need to be conserving our resources – physical and otherwise.

By December 30th, Jupiter, like a bear coming out of long hibernation, makes his way back from 5 degrees of Taurus (the same degree as the Eclipse in October). His direct motion is just in time for a brilliant New Year and a new beginning, full of promise for what’s still to come.