• Releasing Illusions
  • May 16 2022

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The upcoming Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has us knee-deep in Eclipse Season. This one is particularly intense, what with the Moon in the sign of her ‘fall’, and the Eclipse itself being at a degree very close to the ‘demon star’, Algol. Is there a way out of this madness?

Happening close to midnight and being a total Eclipse, the only way out is through. Avoiding, escaping or burying our heads in the sand simply won’t serve our highest evolution. It could be tempting to run and hide, seeing as the ancient, traditional ruler of Scorpio – Mars – is locked into a very close conjunction with misty and evasive Neptune. But perhaps we could use this to our advantage – perhaps we could look at ways in which we can heal, forgive and find deep compassion for all that we - and others - are going through at this time. Singing, dancing, praying, meditating and dreaming – these are all useful pastimes to utilize during this brief period of darkness.

Eclipses themselves generally have a heavy feel. This is because the light from the Sun – symbolizing consciousness – is being, quite literally, blocked out. Thus, we are plunged into our unconscious, making it very easy for very old traumas and hurts to surface. This process indicates what we have not yet healed, or maybe even what we still carry through our genes, our lineage. Our soul’s karma is often a theme during Eclipses, so it can be extremely useful if we observe with curiosity what arises instead of being in a space of judgment.

Practically speaking, this Eclipse is linked to Saturn in a tight square. This indicates limitation, restrictions and responsibilities, perhaps to do with our relationships, values, or even our material situations. There’s a release to be had, but we need to look carefully at the fears and insecurities holding us back before we feel ready to let go. This could also be a time of tightening the reins, so to speak, a time where we simply can’t indulge ourselves and throw caution to the wind. Saturn is putting in a very hard ‘no’, and sometimes, we simply have to accept what cannot be. This brings growth, maturity and understanding that we can’t always have what we want.

Another aspect to note at this Eclipse is the proximity of Uranus – although he’s about ten degrees away from the Sun and the Moon, he still has an important effect. Uranus is about freeing ourselves of said limitations, being the planet of rebellion, liberation and unexpected change. Thus, there is a ‘way out’ of Saturn’s noose, but it might not fully be in our own control, which could be hard to accept. It’s really only in the sacred process of surrender and trusting in the unknown, that we can find sweet release.

A final word on this Lunar Eclipse is that we may, collectively, be more tired and exhausted than usual. Eclipses can be draining, and this one asks that we find a source of water, whether it’s an ocean or simply a long bath or shower, to cleanse ourselves and find calm. This can help us be ready for the accelerated changes and endings that Lunar Eclipses so often bring. 

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