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  • November 19 2021

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


On November 19, 2021 at 12:57am PT / 2:57am CT / 3:57 am ET, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 27° Taurus will light up the sky. As the precursor to the nodal shift occurring in January 2022, this eclipse initiates a new cycle of collective developments related to the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Simply put, for the next two years we can expect considerable cyclical transformation of our relationship with money, tangible goods, agriculture, food, shared resources, intimacy, sexuality, pleasure, comfort and sense of stability.

The Taurus Lunar Eclipse engages in a relatively easy flowing relationship with Pluto, bringing a sense of renewal into the mix. Powerful emotions are likely to bubble to the surface, and we may come to the realization that our feelings about something have drastically changed, and we must honor our truth. What was once working is no longer working, and this Full Moon supports the necessitated process of emotional transmutation and release.

A tense opposition between the Taurus Moon and Mercury in Scorpio adds another unique energetic imprint on this eclipse. New truth may come to light, activating our emotions and helping us understand something or someone from a new point of view. Our intuitive feelings and hunches could be confirmed around this time. It’s also possible that we find ourselves shocked with news. Because the Moon governs emotions and Mercury rules communication, it’s important to practice self-discipline in the face of reactionary urges. Leaning into the power of the pause between stimulus and response will be the difference between a productive conversation and an argument of epic proportions.

Venus in Capricorn, the ruler of the Full Moon, most notably engages in a cooperative trine to Uranus in Taurus. The effect of this aspect can radically shift our foundational structures, career path or financial status. We may realize that we must align our values and build alliances that help us become more self-sufficient and less reliant on systems that are destined to be reborn. In this endeavor, we must begin to understand that this is a collective undertaking that will require a healthy balance of give and take. As part of this understanding, new relationship dynamics may flourish when we begin to perceive life as a team effort rather than “every person for themselves”.

We are nudged to get back to the basics in Taurus consciousness, so this is an appropriate time to take stock of what resources we are in possession of and discern whether we have some left over to redistribute.

Because this is a Full Moon eclipse, there will be a sense of completion or significant illumination of consciousness that was once not accessible. While this may feel uncomfortable because we are hard-wired to find safety in the familiar, keep in mind that unexpected changes that transpire during eclipses have a purpose: to help us stay on our soul’s intended path.

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