• Mental Upgrade
  • January 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury will begin its retrograde motion on January 30th up until February 20th. Each retrograde has a pre- and post-shadow phase that each last about two weeks. The Pre-Shadow phase begins on the 15th of January, where we will begin to feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius.

During this time, you can prepare yourself by being as flexible and open as possible, making the effort to ground your energies and be more mindful of your thoughts and actions. As Mercury begins to retrograde, we may feel a bit overwhelmed with ideas, the mind may feel a bit chaotic and confused which calls for more conscious awareness. A great time for yoga, breathwork, journaling or any means that helps to calm down the mind and express all your thoughts and ideas.

Retrograde periods are about reflection and going inward. In the sign of Aquarius, we may be reassessing and reflecting upon our dreams and wishes, our connection with others, how we want to intellectually advance and how we can combine logic with our intuition. This mercury retrograde may even motivate you to shift your mindset and rise up in consciousness, as with the progressive ways of Aquarius, your outdated thinking patterns, perspectives and ways of communicating must go! A great time to really reflect on and become more conscious of your daily thoughts, the way you talk to yourself, the way you communicate with others, and the way you envision your future. There likely will be many ideas flowing but remember to slow down and process all these new thoughts.

Mercury retrograde typically isn’t the best time to start new projects, endeavours, or in this case with the Aquarian energy to buy new technology, as it is more likely for something to go wrong. Instead, use this time to gather your information, to focus on what you wish to create and where you may need to make changes. It’s a great time to reflect on how you contribute to society, if the groups or communities you are associated with are aligned with your truth, and reconnecting with your deepest dreams and desires. Maybe you want to make adjustments or maybe you’ve never really sat down and asked yourself what you truly desire and dream of, well, now is your time!

With the Aquarius energy you may expect some issues or frustrations with Technology, make sure to back up your devices, or even better, do a digital declutter! This Retrograde period may really have you contemplating on how you wish to contribute to the collective, as the energy is turned inward, and our minds are considering all the ways we can change and evolve. A Strong focus on how you can open your mind to new perspectives, knowledge, and ideas.

Many will come to an understanding that as you self-develop, heal and reconnect with love, you are making shifts in the collective energies through these personal changes. As Gandhi said “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.” A reminder that if you want to see change and transformation, you need to lead it yourself.

Mercury retrograde is a time for reviewing, it’s basically your chance to double or triple check things, to make adjustments so everything can go more smoothly. Changes may need to be made in order to move forward in alignment with your highest good and truth. With this retrograde being in an Air sign, we’ll want to be more conscious with our communication – make the effort to be more aware of the thoughts you’re having, the things you say to others, and the things you say to yourself. There will likely be some miscommunication, so try to be as clear and concise when communicating with others. It’s also extremely important to be more conscious of your intentions and what you’re speaking out into the universe. Be careful what you wish for when Mercury Retrogrades in Aquarius!