• Balancing relationships
  • September 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

On September 27 Mercury begins a three week retrograde cycle in Libra. The collective theme of this retrograde will be – how do we “do” relationships? What are our habits when we attempt to build intimacy? Can we show up as our full self while fostering meaningful connections that preserve our autonomy?

 On a personal level, locate the house in your chart ruled by Libra. This is where you can expect to revisit conversations, explore new potential solutions, or generally perceive circumstances from a brand new perspective. 

Despite fear-based forecasts, popular myths, and negative rumors about the doom of Mercury retrograde, this unique time is actually a gift. This is a time that forces us to slow down so that we may begin to fully process and integrate our experiences, which can be frustrating to the ego but soothing to the soul. 

Usually, Mercury slows us down by instigating shenanigans, such as a lost package, delayed trip, or enormous misunderstanding. Mercury is associated with the archetype of the trickster, after all! But despite the temporary frustrations it may bring, there is truly no better time than a Mercury retrograde for eureka moments and flashes of personal enlightenment.

Mercury will square Pluto on October 1. It is around this time that we can expect a sharp intellect that helps us zone in on a particular issue. It is possible that we receive insights as a result of conflict. Where there are power struggles, there is the potential for healing at the core.

Mercury goes on to trine Jupiter a few days later, perhaps lightening the mental mood by bringing a feeling of expansiveness. Follow that which lights you up and piques your interest.

Perhaps most notable of this retrograde period is that Mercury will be a major player in the October 6th Libra New Moon. This aspect asks us to tap into the emotional experience we are having while we are reviewing our lives. There is a fusion of our visceral experience of the emotional Moon with Mercury’s need to go back over important details. Slowing down and allowing ourselves to process our emotions leads to hidden gems of wisdom we need to make healthy adjustments in our lives.

A few days later Mercury will meet Mars for a highly charged exchange of information. Feelings of anger and frustration can come up for review, so plan for healthy physical outlets to let this energy flow. The desire to make impulsive decisions can also be heightened, which can cause us to come across more aggressively. Be sure to acknowledge this in yourself, give grace, and be ready to apologize for hurtful words that may fly out of your mouth.

On October 18, Mercury finishes the retrograde journey with an opposition to Chiron. With the Aries-Libra axis activated, we may be sensitive to issues of stifled autonomy or past relationship wounds. The finale to our retrograde experience may be dramatic in a way that helps us to understand and subsequently heal patterns of codependency.

Content by Tabatha @healing.human.spirit