Mercury Retrograde in Aries


It’s the very first retrograde of the year, happening in the very first sign of the zodiac, at the very start of a new month. It’s no mistake that this retrograde begins on April Fool’s Day. Thus, Mercury, as the cosmic Trickster Archetype, is now being given even more energetic permission to wreak celestial chaos. Yet, there are many precious lessons to be learnt, as is always the case with any retrograde.


This triple-whammy of firsts symbolically indicates that it’s time to gracefully allow new beginnings to happen without needing to impatiently force our will onto a situation. Forbearance and self-restraint are virtues to work towards during what could feel like a trying cosmic period. Cultivating these qualities will help us to emerge from retrograde on April 25th with greater wisdom, more patience and a deeper understanding of which priorities are truly important to us.


Granted, this may be easier said than done. Aries, as the Archetype of the Warrior(ess), is known to move forward without a hint of hesitation. This is the quintessential  ‘shoot first, think later’ sign. Waiting and allowing goes against their natural inclinations.


Nonetheless, with a powerful Total Solar Eclipse - AKA a supercharged New Moon - unfolding on the 8th, it’s necessary to allow the Universe to take the wheel. Eclipses have their own way of shifting stagnant energy, so that even if we’re dancing in the mud of retrograde-like doubt, things will still move of their own accord. The cosmic advice here is to release our attachment to putting ourselves in the center of the action, to let go of the desire to blaze a trail. Instead, we’re asked to lean into the Universal energy and trust that the new chapters ahead of us will unfold just as they should without us needing to interfere too much.


Honesty, forthrightness and cutting to the chase may also be some of the themes to expect during this retrograde. Nevertheless, as direct and straight-shooting as Mercury in Aries is, it’s important to color our words with kindness, to be aware of when we might be coming across as aggressive or even defensive. Non-Violent Communication is an excellent Mercury retrograde in Aries tool, especially seeing as Mercury joins the Wounded healer, Chiron, thrice, on March 20th, April 15th and finally on May 6th.


With these three conjunctions, we may initially speak from our most wounded places, our most hurt places. With that said, there’s powerful medicine in speaking our truth, when we speak it with consciousness and pure intent. When we recklessly and impulsively say a thing without thinking it through, that's when we create rifts and burn our bridges. A useful practice would be to ask ourselves - ‘Is this useful? Is it harmful? What response am I looking for by saying this?’. Curious, gentle self inquiry takes the sting out of retrograde Mercury in Aries and offers the healing balm that Chiron is so renowned for.