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  • April 2023

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

The second Mercury Retrograde of the year unfolds in the practical, patient sign of Taurus. In fact, all three of the Mercury Retrogrades in 2023 happen in the earth signs, with the last one of the year transitioning from earth into fire.

Thus, the reflection that will be important to do during these times is on our connection to the physical world. This comes down to the food that we eat, the money we make, the security of our work, the relationships we have, and the nourishment of our bodies. All these and more are ruled by the grounded, tangible element of sensual Earth, and especially by Taurus.

With Mercury retrograde in this sign, from April 21st until May 14th, our thoughts are likely to turn more and more towards these issues. Reviewing our relationship to money, for example, may be something to ponder upon. We might even face problems with these topics. A slowdown, so to speak. After all, retrogrades do tend to decelerate the natural progress of any planet, whilst at the same time, emphasizing their energy. With Mercury, there’s the usual miscommunication and potential misunderstandings, but only if we’re in a rush to make decisions or react before responding.

Fortunately, Taurus has a special, earthly wisdom that is simple, yet practical. What often seems like the most complicated issue can be solved by the most straightforward, down-to-earth solution. Because this is also a patient, methodical sign, it’s important to linger before we make up our minds. We need more time to think before we can commit to anything. We can’t be pushed, hurried up or persuaded before we’re ready.

A good question to ask might be whether or not we’re communicating these mental boundaries to others, or if we are simply shutting them out. How can others know that we need their patience, if we don’t tell them? Remember, Taurus is also a ‘fixed’ sign, which means that it’s consistent, yet stubborn. Mercury in Taurus can be the most opinionated of all. Changing their mind after it's made up is almost unheard of. Yet, flexibility is key if we don’t want to stonewall or be stonewalled.

There is a gift in what may seem like blind obstinacy. Because Mercury in Taurus takes so much time to ponder a thing, once a conclusion is reached, it’s done with the greatest of integrity. There’s commitment. There’s consistency. There’s reliability. Qualities that are, sometimes, quite frankly, somewhat missing in an instant-gratification society.

And so, this Mercury retrograde may actually come as quite a blessing, especially seeing as it happens during Eclipse Season. With the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th, Mercury will be closely connected to the Sun, acting as the quintessential “Messenger of the Gods”. It’ll be important to listen closely to the whispers from within. We need to pay attention to the voice that urges us towards contemplation before we take any action. With certain situations, people and circumstances being removed from our worlds at this time, it’s essential that we heed the prudent advice of wise Hermes.


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