April Monthly Horoscope


Its the very first retrograde of the year, happening in the very first sign of the zodiac, at the very start of a new month. It’s no mistake that this retrograde begins on April Fool’s Day. Thus, Mercury, as the cosmic Trickster Archetype, is now being given even more energetic permission to wreak celestial chaos. Yet, there are many precious lessons to be learnt, as is always the case with any retrograde.

This triple-whammy of firsts symbolically indicates that it’s time to gracefully allow new beginnings to happen without needing to impatiently force our will onto a situation. Forbearance and self-restraint are virtues to work towards during what could feel like a trying cosmic period. Cultivating these qualities will help us to emerge from retrograde on April 25th with greater wisdom, more patience and a deeper understanding of which priorities are truly important to us.

 With Venus in Aries on April 5th, you may embody an impulsive, passionate, and bold romantic energy. Craving constant variety, you thrive in dynamic and stimulating environments, both socially and romantically. Making friends effortlessly, you're admired for your love and zest for life. As an enthusiastic and lively companion, as well as an energetic colleague, your presence is a beacon of excitement.

In love, the Aries energy doesn't dwell on the past. Instead, it focuses on the thrill of the chase and the joy of conquest, though it can foster long-standing relationships as long as freshness is maintained. This period is ideal for indulging in luxury, embracing an 'easy come, easy go' attitude towards finances, and showing off your finest attire and accessories. However, it's wise to steer clear of coarseness and avoid throwing childish tantrums.

Eclipse Season closes off on April 8th with a New Moon Solar Eclipse In the Warrior(ess) sign of Aries. It’s a North Node Eclipse, symbolizing a time of fated and powerful new beginnings, not only because it's a Supercharged New Moon, but also because it’s in the first sign of the Zodiac. Following hot on the heels of the Astrological New Year on March 19th, this is yet another cosmic opportunity to restart, to pioneer and to manifest.

Aries, like the Ram it represents, goes at anything and everything head-first. Brave, bold and fearless, Aries is the proud Army General, eager to prove themselves in battle. Solar Eclipse energies unfold over a longer period than a normal New Moon, sometimes over as long as two years. And so, consciously picking our battles, our skirmishes and our challenges are even more emphasized during this time.

We have no time to waste. The North Nodes’ proximity lets us know that our fate is nigh, our destiny just around the corner. What heroic acts will be performed in the months and years to come? In what way can we blaze ahead with the sun on our face and the wind at our back? How can we march bravely forward into the unknown, trusting that when we leap, the net will appear. What new adventures could help us build our confidence and prove to ourselves just how capable, strong and independent we are?

There's one small catch. This Eclipse is also conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, at exactly the same degree as the New Moon.This is the call to restore our health, to (re)build self esteem, to heal our Sacred Masculine. How is your health, and where does it need work? Where (and when) did you lose your confidence? In what way can you (re)balance your Masculine energy?

With Taurus season beginning on April 19th, your approach to life is marked by determination, practicality, reliability, and patience. This steadiness becomes a significant asset, particularly in business endeavors. Your transit period is influenced by a pronounced desire for material comfort and possessions, which drives much of your action and decision-making. Emotionally, you're sensitive, trustworthy, and loyal, though your cautious nature often leads you to avoid taking risks. 

On April 20th the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus presents an extraordinary moment for innovation and rapid expansion. This rare alignment encourages a bold leap into uncharted territories, promising breakthroughs and sudden gains, especially in areas that have been stagnant or conventional. Jupiter's influence magnifies Uranus's natural tendencies towards innovation, freedom, and change, making this an ideal time to take calculated risks. Expect unexpected opportunities for growth and an enhanced ability to see beyond traditional limits. The energy of this transit is electrifying, pushing you to break free from restrictions and explore new possibilities with optimism and courage.

A witchy, deep and intense Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the sky on April 24th. It’s a culmination of the energies initiated around the New Moon in this same sign, back on November 23rd. There, a process of purging began, a process of change, a process of shifting from the proverbial caterpillar into the dazzling butterfly symbolized by this powerful Moon.

Granted, La Luna is not at her most comfortable in Scorpio. Under a still-seeming lake, seethes monsters, shadows and darkness; darknesses that aren’t for the faint hearted. Yet, when we’re bold enough to do a deep dive and make friends with what we'd normally prefer to keep hidden, we emerge empowered and unafraid of what lurks beneath. The famous quote by Mary Oliver states ‘Someone I once loved gave me a box of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift’.

Take a moment and breathe these words in. How do they resonate with you? How have you shifted, changed and transformed over these last several months, even in the most subtle of ways? How can you take the recent crises that presented themselves and balance these with a sense of embodied calm, peace and groundedness? 

As Mars transits through Aries from April 30th, its influence is potent and direct, being in the sign it rules. This period energizes our instincts, propelling us toward spontaneous action and bold, forward-thinking endeavors. The transit awakens a fierce competitive streak within us, pushing us to strive for victory and leadership in our pursuits. Under Mars in Aries, we are driven by a desire to assert ourselves, showcasing courage, aggression, and a pioneering spirit.

This transit marks a time of heightened independence and confidence, encouraging us to pursue our goals with assertive and enterprising vigor. The qualities of Mars in Aries are primarily channeled towards personal ambitions, fueling our drive to stand out and carve our own path. There's a strong sense of self-assurance that motivates us to take the lead and initiate new projects or challenges. Our actions are guided by a desire to achieve and to make a significant impact on the world around us.