• Time to Reflect
  • August 01 2022

August Monthly Horoscope

Quick-witted Mercury enters discerning Virgo on August 4th. Some of Mercury’s energetic domains include the delivery of messages, quality of travel, nature of thought patterns and style of communication. As we transition out of fixed fire (Leo) into mutable earth (Virgo), we can expect these areas of our life to become more flexible and grounded. There is a palpable shift away from impulsive expression toward becoming more adaptable to life’s everchanging demands.

Venus moves out of Cancer and into Leo on August 11th shifting the energy from a need for security, emotional connection, and emotional fulfilment to a need for more affection, physical connection, and playfulness. We may be feeling more passionate, warm-hearted and demanding. A strong need for love, seeking to be admired, craving physical touch, compliments, and gifts. It’s a really good time to focus on self-love, as we crave the need to be loved and admired. Be wary of feeding into the ego energies of seeking external validation, its important we don’t rely on others to fill the void. Fill yourself up with love, compliments, treat yourself to little gifts.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on 11 August is the very last of a series of Supermoons, a cycle which began in May 2022. Although this Full Moon is not as powerful of a Supermoon than last month’s, it still packs quite a punch.

Configured to both of Aquarius’s ruling planets – Saturn and Uranus – in an astrological pattern known as a T-Square, this lunation is bound to have some tension and challenge. T-Squares indicate enormous potential, yet often, there’s a crisis that prefaces a large shift. We can think of this as a pressure cooker, ready to explode if we don’t hold the tension firmly in hand and direct it in the most constructive way possible.

One of the most important cosmic events of 2022 commences on August 20th, when Mars, planet of action, war and passion, moves into Gemini for an extended stay. The red planet will make his home in this mutable air sign all the way until March 26th, 2023. The reason why Mars is staying so long here is due to his retrograde motion from October 30th until January 12th, 2023. He usually stays for about two months in any one sign, but due to his backward dance, his visit is much, much longer.

Virgo Season begins on August 22nd. Virgo governs self-improvement and we may be feeling more self-conscious as we measure our current circumstances against the progress we wish to make in the future. Until September 22nd, our focus turns toward purifying our mind-body-spirit system, simplifying our lives in favor of efficiency, and maintaining or increasing good health. 

It’s time for Uranus, the mythological Sky God, to go retrograde. Beginning on August 24th , this 4-month period will invite us all to process the shifts and changes that have happened in our material and physical world over the last while.

Libra is set to get a major boost of energy as Mercury, planet of communication and the intellect, enters this sign to stay for just over two months. Starting on August 25th and going all the way up until October 9th, our minds are going to be on Libra-like topics, topics such as love, relationships, money, beauty, values and most of all, balance.

A highly tense, cerebral, yet action–orientated New Moon in Virgo occurs on 27 August at 4.17am EDT. The saving grace of this lunation is the earthy energy of this sign, which helps to ground and stabilize the (many!) undertakings we’ll decide to initiate during this time. These may be around typical Virgoan topics, such as health, time management, work, being of service, detoxification, cleansing, wellness and all-round organization, for example.


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