August Monthly Horoscope


August has a total of two Full Moons – one right at the start of the month, and one right at the very end. Both are in the humanitarian signs of Aquarius and Pisces, making August the perfect cosmic window to reach out, connect and find belonging - even if that’s an inside job.

This particular Full Moon has its roots in the very first New Moon of 2023, also in Aquarius, on January 21st. This planted the seeds of what we’re seeing come to fruition right now. What did you dream of back then? How did you imagine the year to turn out? What kinds of intentions did you plant when it came to your highest aspirations?

Aquarius is a true Utopian, in every sense of the word. With two feet firmly planted in the future, this is the sign of Hope and Faith. There’s always better coming, according to Aquarius. Connecting with the Star card in the Tarot is a wonderful way to tap into this potent, magical Full Moon energy.

A heart-centered New Moon is being seeded on August 16th in the expressive, passionate sign of the Lion(ess). This warm lunation is conjoined to Venus, who, whilst still retrograde, has now become the Morning Star. She rises ahead of the Sun, having conquered her transformative Underworld Journey. Although she still has a way to go before going direct, the cosmic energy is beginning to lift, and our hearts are singing out to us, beckoning us to align more closely to what makes our souls feel more joy. After all, Leo is the sign of the Inner Child. This is the playful, happy child that lies inside each and every one of us, despite everything that we’ve had to endure.

Thus, the intentions that we set during this magnificent lunation should be along the lines of doing something that allows us to express the Inner Child, express our sacred and precious creativity, to express our most Authentic Self. The Sun is particularly strong in the sign of Leo, where he has rulership. This allows for his counterpart, La Luna, to shine brightly too, as a powerful reflection of this bright Luminary.

During Virgo season from August 23rd, you may notice that people exhibit a keen eye for detail and have a strong sense of discrimination. Intellectual abilities will be enhanced, and many will find themselves naturally gravitating towards analytical thinking and problem-solving. Loyalty, honesty, and dedication to their chosen professions will be key traits for those influenced by this Virgo energy.
Virgo Season encourages individuals to find harmony through meaningful and useful endeavors, especially when helping others. There will be a sense of fulfillment that comes from engaging in tasks that serve a greater purpose. Despite appearing emotionally reserved and cool, people will display a kind-hearted nature and a genuine desire to be of service to others.
Mercury Retrograde in Virgo also from August 23rd, brings a period of intense introspection and reevaluation. As the planet of communication and intellect goes retrograde in its ruling sign, we can expect a heightened focus on details and a strong desire to perfect our methods and approaches. During this time, misunderstandings and miscommunications may arise, urging us to review our communication styles and ensure clarity in our interactions. This retrograde phase also encourages us to revisit past projects or unresolved issues, offering an opportunity for refinement and improvement. While the energy may be intense, embracing the Virgoan qualities of organization and analysis can help navigate this period effectively and use it as a time of growth and self-discovery. Remember to exercise patience, take time for introspection, and be open to adjusting plans as needed.
Mars, known as the warrior planet, transitions from practical Virgo to diplomatic Libra on August 27th, however, Libra is not the most comfortable place for Mars, being a charming and people-pleasing sign, leading to some challenges. Mars, associated with war and action, may find it difficult to adapt to the harmonious nature of Libra, making us feel somewhat out of balance.  This placement is favorable for peacemakers and justice warriors, fostering a desire for equality, balance, and fairness. During Mars' transit through Libra, these values become important for all of us. However, we must find a way to uphold these principles without neglecting our own needs or falling into procrastination.
During Uranus retrograde from August 28th, individuals may experience a unique opportunity to work on developing an abundance mindset and overcoming feelings of lack. As Uranus is associated with innovation and liberation, this period encourages introspection and breaking free from limiting beliefs about scarcity and limitations. The retrograde motion prompts individuals to reevaluate their relationship with resources and recognize that abundance can be found within and through a shift in perception. By embracing change and embracing one's unique potential, people can tap into their creative abilities and find innovative solutions to challenges, thereby fostering a sense of abundance and empowerment. This astrological phase serves as a catalyst for breaking free from the shackles of scarcity thinking and embracing a mindset of limitless possibilities and abundance in all aspects of life.

August began with a Full Moon in objective, humanitarian Aquarius and ends with a compassionate, sensitive Full Moon in Pisces on August 30th. These two signs, despite their elemental differences, share a common goal – to help, serve and uplift. Socially conscious and kindhearted, these lunations illuminate where we need to practice greater altruism, both towards ourselves and others. Becoming the Boddhisatva’s of our Inner world during this Full Moon is crucial. Developing empathy towards all our Parts is non-negotiable.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is all about the sweet release of surrendering to the unknown and merging with something bigger, something more Divine. Aquarius has laid the groundwork of serving humanity via its wisdom and knowledge. Now’s the time to let go of all of it, to merge and become One with All That Is. To free-fall in a space of deep trust that we will be caught. Thus, if we find that doors are closing during this Full Moon – Full Moons are also about release, after all – it’s important that we let them close, with grace.