• The Grand Finale
  • December 01 2020

December Monthly Horoscope

Being 2020 of course December was going to quite an action packed month. We have a Solar Eclipse and the behemoths of Saturn and Jupiter both changing signs into Aquarius before their great conjunction on the same day as the December Solstice!

Our journey through the last month of 2020 begins in the
otherworldly realm of eclipse season, with a Gemini lunar eclipse
having occurred on November 30. December 1st will bring Mercury moving into jovial Sagittarius and gives a just, honest, generous and sincere mind, suitable for expansion through higher education. Ideals are sought, our thinking is more optimistic, and our faith increases. 

By the second week of December, significant and potentially life-changing planetary events occur.  On December 14th, a total solar eclipse at 23°08' Sagittarius occurs within 4° of the Galactic Center, deepening our feeling of connection to worlds beyond the physical dimension.  Our biggest task will be to recognise where we can continue to find or create unity, perhaps on a larger scale than ever before. Sagittarius is key here, emphasising the union of nations, cultures, and dreams so that there is a greater alignment and striving for transcendence. It may be higher knowledge, a higher love, more expansion across space,

On December 16th Saturn enters Aquarius , this big shift will bring us into a completely different area for challenges and opportunities in the coming year. When Saturn transits Aquarius, it’s a signifier that society itself is having to adjust to a new order. This surge for change means protests and rebellions are likely to be rife, but a much greater sense of vision, for what can be, uplifts and energises, to give faith in the future.

Jupiter Follows Saturn into Aquarius  on December 19th. It is a time for increased enlightenment, for greater discovery, knowledge and understanding, particularly in science and technology.

On December 21, The Jupiter–Saturn conjunction occurs on solstice day. This marks the time when Jupiter and Saturn unite every 20 years. This important astrological event occurs at 0 degrees Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn have not met in Aquarius for around 600 years and this event marks a shift from earthy practicality into airy intellect. This conjunction is the beginning of long cycle that could change the world dramatically, so you'll want to know how the Great Conjunction in Aquarius will affect you.

Jupiter and Saturn are known as “social planets,” having impact on businesses, institutions, treaties, and constitutions. Their alignment every 19.6 years marks the end of an old sociopolitical cycle and the beginning of a new one, with the sign of their alignment said to affect the evolution of societies and governments for the next two decades. 

The Full Moon in Cancer will bring December to close on December 29th and the watery Cancerian Moon may have a way of subtly sidestepping any typical course of events and overriding the usual kinds of decisions that we would make. A sense of things being a bit unusual and unpredictable is also emphasised