December Monthly Horoscope


December kicks off with a frisky Full Moon in curious and clever Gemini on the 7th of the month. Exactly conjunct a retrograde Mars, this Full Moon is all about taking action on the myriads of ideas that are bound to be flowing in. Yet, at the same time, it’s important to be discerning about which of these plans to actually throw energy into. If we try and do it all at once, we’re bound to get burnt out and overwhelmed.

If there’s something we wish to communicate now, something we wish to close the door on, end or a path we wish to choose, we need to do it in a way that shows absolute courage of conviction.

Mercury enters Capricorn  on December 6th where he will be for about two months. This is unusual as Mercury will be turning Retrograde on December 29th, for the 4th time this year!! Themes around this Mercury placement include precise communication and thinking about long-term goals: choose your words carefully, write your career goals, use a grounding meditation to bring your thoughts down to Earth

With Venus moving out of big-hearted, all-knowing and optimistic Sagittarius into practical, ambitious and materialistic Capricorn on December 9th we will feel the shift into a more serious, grounded and logical energy in all areas related to Venus; love, romance, money, relationships, self-worth, values, beauty, art and harmony.

We may be influenced to be more cautious and disciplined with our relationships, finances, and values. This will help us to think more responsibly and long-term in these areas. Allow yourself to reflect upon your relationships, what they bring, is there reliability and longevity? To reflect upon finances and how we are investing in ourselves and our future. 

Jupiter in Aries on December 20th will encourage authentic self-love, courage, bravery and empowerment. The chance to reconnect to our deepest desires is available during this transit if we are willing to pursue exciting experiences. Centering your needs and wellbeing will be a major theme. However, it is equally important to be sure that your approach is not so competitive, impulsive or self-focused that you alienate yourself from others completely.

Capricorn Season, starting on the Solstice, December 21st, and ending in the New Year on January 20th, is the season of grounded wisdom and true authenticity. After a potentially excessive and fun -filled Sagittarius period, we may welcome this return to sobriety and stability. That doesn’t mean that it’ll be at work and no play – after all, we’re still in the festive season. No, Capricorn simply knows when to be responsible and when to let go.

The final lunation of 2022 dawns on December 23rd in the sober sign of Capricorn. Although not the most fitting sign for festive celebrations, it’s perfect for manifesting structured, orderly new beginnings. Beginnings which are set to unfold over the following several months, until mid-2023.

How do we know exactly what seeds need to be sown, what roots need to be planted, so that we can reap the full benefits and rewards when the time comes? Occurring at 1 degree, a very sensitive degree of any Cardinal sign, This New Moon has a fresh, initiatory energy. Being earth, it’s in the realm of the material world - the realm of work, security, money and other physical representations of reality.

The last Mercury retrograde for the year, happening in goal-orientated Capricorn on December 29th, comes at the perfect time. What better moment than when many of us are already in a reflective, integrating phase, a stage where we collectively look back on the year gone by and collate our experiences?

This retrograde is a very clear sign from the Universe that it’s time to sit down and process, to slow down, review and renew. This is our golden moment to think about the goals we’ve achieved so far and to decide what has worked, and what hasn’t. Were we true to our integrity? Did we take the tangible steps needed to manifest these goals? Were we realistic about what we could take on – and what we couldn’t? These are all excellent journal prompts to take us into the New Year.