December Monthly Horoscope


During the period of December 1st to January 26th, Mercury takes an extended stay in the practical and ambitious sign of Capricorn. This longer-than-usual transit is a result of Mercury's retrograde motion, briefly dipping back into Sagittarius before fully settling in Capricorn. This celestial alignment brings forth a range of themes focused on precise communication and the contemplation of long-term goals. It's a time when choosing your words carefully and mapping out your career aspirations can be particularly fruitful. Grounding meditations can help bring your thoughts down to Earth, allowing you to assess and address any pessimistic feelings. This planetary energy encourages you to examine issues thoroughly and gain clarity about problems before embarking on transformative solutions.

On December 4th, Venus, the planet that governs our concepts of love, beauty, and pleasure, finds itself in unfamiliar territory when it transits into Scorpio. Typically associated with harmonious relationships and the gentle arts of charm and allure, Venus is compelled to exchange her usual light and breezy demeanor for Scorpio’s intense and brooding energy. Scorpio is uninterested in maintaining a facade or engaging in shallow exchanges; this sign is driven by the pursuit of a love that is all-consuming and all-encompassing.

The New Moon in expansive Sagittarius on December 12th invites us on a journey. A journey within, or a journey outwards. And, as with all journeys, the first step is usually the hardest. Yet, we cannot ignore the call of our souls when it comes to this sign of the Seeker. Within us lies a yearning for the truth - our truth. These next several months may see many of us going on a pilgrimage of some kind to find this truth. It’s an expedition that may lead us to the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Or, we may end up at a dead end. 
If we wish to avoid the latter, we’ll have to remain grounded and realistic, practical and pragmatic. These qualities aren’t necessarily aligned with the spontaneous, risk-taking sign of the Centaur. Sagittarius always aims high towards the heavens, trusting that their arrows will fall on the most fertile target. This is a sign that leaps, knowing that they'll land, like a cat, always on their feet. 
The third and final Mercury retrograde on December 13th is a  hybrid retrograde, as it spans two different signs - Capricorn and Sagittarius. This is likely to raise even more confusion than usual, yet is also a golden opportunity to revisit important topics that need closure and completion. This particular retrograde will start December 13th and end on New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2024. There couldn’t be a more perfect time for this intellectual, thinking-originated planet to slow down. Why? Well, seeing as it’s the end of a year, this is a time when reflection tends to happen naturally in any case. 
Thus, harnessing the energy of this retrograde to pump the brakes, look back and review the year is a productive and proactive way to work with the energy of the cosmos, rather than let it become a hurdle to power through. Some journal prompts or reflections to ponder on may be contemplating which of our goals (Capricorn) have been achieved, versus which ones didn’t pan out - and why. We may also want to reflect on the adventures and growth (Sagittarius) that we’ve had and give ourselves the space to integrate it all. Often, the most important part of any journey (again, Sagittarius) is the afterglow - the processing of the experience, in other words. 
Capricorn Season, starting on the Solstice, 21st December, and ending in the New Year on January 20th, is the season of grounded wisdom and true authenticity. After a potentially excessive and fun -filled Sagittarius period, we may welcome this return to sobriety and stability. That doesn’t mean that it’ll be at work and no play – after all, we’re still in the festive season. No, Capricorn simply knows when to be responsible and when to let go

Not surprisingly, December’s sensitive, family-focussed Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th is one that occurs annually . It’s a cosmic signal to slow down and spend time with who and what constitutes family for us - be that a beloved pet, a dear friend, partner or even ourselves. It’s an emotional time, and for some, can be challenging. This is a Full Moon that beckons us to nurture the child within, to attend to our deepest needs, just as any loving parent would do. For those who may have a wounded Inner Child, this calling is even more imperative to pay attention to. What constitutes nurturing for you? Is it taking the day to wind down from an intensive family gathering? Is it spending time with the family of our choosing - our friends, for example? Do we need to spend time in nature, in quiet contemplation? What does your heart call for at this Full Moon? More importantly, can you take the time to step up to that calling?

Because Full Moons indicate the closing of a chapter, we may wish to take a walk down memory lane and reflect on the last six months of the year. The New Moon in Cancer in July was the starting point for this particular journey. It’s time to close a door and look forward - not always easy for the sentimental crab. Yet, we don’t have to necessarily forget all that we’ve been through, nor the people who were integral to our experience. We can still carry a torch for who and what shaped and assisted us over these last several months. At the same time, unhealthy clinging may only hold us back, as we may discover over this Full Moon.

In the realm of Venus graced by the expansive and enlightened influence of Sagittarius on December 29th, our hearts yearn for liberation, adventure, and a touch of spontaneity to infuse our relationships. As Venus embarks on its journey from the deep, intense waters of Scorpio into the fiery expanse of Sagittarius, the romantic landscape undergoes a profound transformation. The shift is palpable, like the transition from an intense sonata to a buoyant symphony.