June Monthly Horoscope


June starts off with a challenging Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3rd that forms not one, but two Astrological patterns known as a ‘T-Square”. The first of these is an opposition formed between the Sun and Moon – typical of a Full Moon – with a square to Saturn. The second is an opposition between Mars and Pluto, with a square to Jupiter. We may find ourselves fighting for our freedom, pushing against limits, navigating insecurity or dealing with exhaustion. T-Squares have the power to reflect major change, but it takes effort and dedication to the journey. And, after all, Sagittarius is about taking a journey – whether that’s an inner or outer experience. Reflecting on our personal journey over the last several months is the key to clarity around what’s currently unfolding. 

Venus moves out of Cancer and into Leo on June 5th shifting the energy from a need for security, emotional connection, and emotional fulfilment to a need for more affection, physical connection, and playfulness. We may be feeling more passionate, warm-hearted and demanding. A strong need for love, seeking to be admired, craving physical touch, compliments, and gifts. It’s a really good time to focus on self-love, as we crave the need to be loved and admired.

Mercury enters its ruling sign of Gemini on June 11th which allows you to have an extremely adaptable, energetic, active, alert,curious,and versatile mind. You can be more interested in seeking knowledge, either through reading or conversation, or through travel and talking with the new people you constantly meet. You may have nervous energy that this can sometimes cause great stress which must find an appropriate release.

For the first time since Saturn entered Pisces earlier in the year, this tough-love planet of karma will be going retrograde. From June 17th until November 4th, Saturn’s backward dance invites a golden opportunity to integrate the lessons we’ve been grappling with since around March this year. When planets go retrograde, their energy is both emphasized and dulled, highlighting the importance of tuning in to our hearts and souls to explore what may be arising, both collectively and personally.

The New Moon in Gemini on June 18th, is comprised of multiple layers. It’s nothing short of complex, not unlike this multifaceted air sign. Starting with the archetypal energy of Gemini, this New Moon has much to do with straddling two worlds – or more. After all, Gemini is the symbol of the Twins. One path, one way of being, is never enough for this ever-restless, curious sign. Many avenues and choices may present themselves during this time, all of which may seem enticing and full of promise.

Yet, there’s a catch. Like the Seven of Cups Card in the Tarot, we may be pulled into an illusion. Why? Well. Neptune is closely linked to this New Moon via a tight square – it’s only one degree away from perfecting the aspect. Thus, as the strongest influence, there’s a suggestion of being caught up in a potential fantasy.

June 21st this year marks the longest day of the year ( in the northern hemisphere), that special moment in the year when the Sun reaches its zenith in the sky and 'stands still' for three days before beginning its descent.

As one of the cardinal points of the year, the Solstice is marked as the ingress of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Cancer the crab, the water sign ruled by the Moon. So this is a time to honour our familial ancestors and to feel into the origins and the roots of our existence and the deep foundations of our being. After all the flutter and buzz of Gemini, this is the stage in the wheel where we bring it all home. It is the 'sweet spot' in the zodiac. The fruits are sweetening, and the pollinating bees are returning to the hive where the honey is made. Cancer is a deep meditation on what it means to be 'at home'; it is the return home, the sense of the body being a temple that can house the soul.

As Mercury enters the intuitive and empathetic sign of Cancer on June 26th, we can all experience a shift in our mental gears. Our minds move from busy, curious and analytical, to reading between the lines, reminiscing and finding a more nurturing way of communicating. One of the greatest strengths of Mercury in Cancer can be the ability to truly listen, hearing with our heart rather than our head.

Neptune, King of the Ocean and the modern ruler of music, art and spirituality, is beginning his retrograde journey on June 30th until December 6th.

This is our time to slip back into the watery depths of our subconscious and dig for the treasures hidden there. Treasures that may be painful to uncover but can be transformative healing resources. Hypnosis, dreams and creative visualization are magical ways to work with the energy of Neptune retrograde – especially when we feel a little lost.