June Monthly Horoscope


Mercury enters its ruling sign of Gemini on June 3rd, ushering in a period of mental agility and versatility. This transit enhances your curiosity and alertness, making you eager to seek knowledge through reading, conversation, travel, and interactions with new people. However, this heightened mental activity can lead to significant stress due to an abundance of nervous energy, which must be channeled appropriately—exercise being a beneficial outlet.

You'll find yourself more clever and witty, always ready with a joke or comeback for any situation. While your love for multitasking can lead to having too many irons in the fire, you are quick to grasp new concepts but equally quick to lose interest once your curiosity is satisfied. Concentration and disciplined study might be challenging during this period.

The New Moon in the sign of the Cosmic Twins on June 6th is curious, clever, and communicative. La Luna reflects within us a desire to learn something new, to pursue knowledge just for the sheer pleasure of it. Thus, these next several months see many of us embarking on a journey of curiosity, fueled by a desire to connect to our community. After all, what could possibly be better than learning something fascinating with like-minded souls?

June 11th ignites a fierce cosmic clash as Mars at 1 degree Taurus squares Pluto at 1 degree Aquarius. This powerful aspect can unleash deep-seated conflicts and power struggles. The square between Mars and Pluto stirs a cauldron of intense emotions, pushing hidden tensions to the surface. It's a time when suppressed anger and unresolved issues demand your attention. While the energy of this transit can be challenging, it also offers a transformative opportunity. Embrace the chance to confront and conquer these obstacles, emerging stronger and more empowered.

Venus enters the nurturing waters of Cancer on June 17th, enveloping your romantic life with a sensitive, warm-hearted, and protective energy. This transit highlights your deep emotional nature and affectionate spirit. For your overall well-being and emotional security, you crave a safe home and a loving family. In matters of the heart, your super-sensitive feelings are easily wounded, making you vulnerable to the slightest slight. Your romantic self-confidence can be fragile, necessitating a partner who consistently shows affection and devotion. While your moodiness, sentimentality, and tendency to sulk may present challenges, your deep desire for a stable and affectionate domestic life makes you an ideal marriage partner who cherishes home and family.

Also, On June 17th, Mercury enters Cancer and conjuncts Venus in Cancer, creating a harmonious blend of thought and feeling. This conjunction enhances your ability to express emotions with grace and charm. It’s a favorable time for creative pursuits, heartfelt conversations, and strengthening personal relationships. Your communication is likely to be kind, diplomatic, and infused with warmth, making it an excellent period for resolving conflicts and deepening bonds.

As Cancer season begins on June 20th, a complex and deeply emotional energy takes center stage. This period is marked by heightened sensitivity, kindness, and diplomacy, but also by defensiveness and protectiveness. You may find yourself more attuned to your emotions and those of others, displaying a powerful imagination that can bring surprising insights into your life and the lives of those around you.

Comfort, pleasure, and relaxation are best found in the familiar and nurturing environment of home and family. Your instinctive, maternal or paternal qualities are highlighted, making this an excellent time for strengthening bonds with loved ones and focusing on domestic matters. The season also underscores your talent for business, driven by a sound sense of economy. However, your changeable nature suggests that forming partnerships might be more beneficial than venturing alone in business endeavors.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 22nd is the first of two. There’s another one a month from now, on July 21st. This is a rare cosmic event, notwithstanding that this Full Moon also happens to be unfolding on the Solstice - a rare, magical time of manifestation and powerfully symbolic

Looking back at the start of the year, there’s an invitation to review what was initiated back with the Capricorn New Moon, particularly in the material realms of profession, goals, and overall vocation. What’s coming to fruition now? What decisions need to be made? What can we let go of, knowing that we’ve taken the most responsible, structured route possible? Knowing that we’ve done our utmost best and given it our all?

On June 29th, for the next four and a half months, Saturn, the planet of karmic lessons, turns on his heel and makes his way backward through 19 – 12 degrees of Pisces.

Having arrived in this very last of the zodiac signs in March of 2023, the challenges exposed by Saturn’s foray here have been nothing short of transformative. Endings abound. Boundaries have been created - possibly for the first time ever. We’ve become familiar with the twin qualities of escapism and dissociation. We’ve come face to face with our addictions, swimming down all the way to rock bottom. Here’s where we’ve discovered the immense treasure that has lain in wait for us - once we were willing to make the plunge. Here, we’ve come face to face with our feelings and all the ways in which we’ve tried to avoid them. And here, we’ve found the courage to take ownership and not wallow in the disempowering roles of Victim or Enabler.