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Finding Motivation
March Monthly Horoscope March 2020 ~ Finding Motivation

March is already here and it seems as though this 2020 will be quite a year to remember. The biggest shift happening this month with be Saturn moving into Aquarius on March 21st, signifying a major shift in collective energies.

Venus enters its home sign of Taurus on March 4th which slows the pace in our relationships, giving us time to appreciate the simple pleasures with our loved ones. In this earthy sign, we’re more practical when it comes to financial matters.

The March 9th Full Moon at 19°37′ Virgo is opposite Neptune and trine Jupiter. The strongest influence is the Sun and Neptune opposite the Moon. This can cause possible confusion, deception, and scandal. This challenging aspect to the planet ruling illness and infection may also increase fears about coronavirus which may be well-based if a pandemic is declared. A trine aspect to Jupiter brings the potential good fortune, trust, and faith. 

Mercury will go direct shortly after the Full Moon on March 9th, allowing us to make better decisions and take action on our plans that may have been delayed during the Mercury Retrograde period.

On March 20th, we have the Equinox with the Sun entering Aries. This shift also signals the start of a new astrological year. Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac, so when the Sun returns to this place, it signifies the start of a new cycle. We may feel a renewed sense of hope and optimism under this energy. Aries is a fiery energy and with the Sun in this sign, we may feel boosted, recharged, and ready to get things done. At this point in the month, we have strong energy for intention setting and for thinking about how we wish to spend the rest of the year. This is not to say we need to have it all planned out, but the Universe is asking us for our input. It is asking us what we wish to focus on or which areas of our life we wish to improve.

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21st. Wherever Saturn moves, it shows us where we need to do the work to release ourselves from restrictions and overcome limitations. Saturn is concerned with rules, authority, responsibility, and ambition. Airy Aquarius, however, is a sign of Higher Mind. It is associated with intellectualism, “outside the box” thinking, and invention.

 The New Moon in the fiery sign of Aries on March 24th at 4° will bring a burst of energy for us. Surely not one to procrastinate, Aries will urge us to get on our feet and get moving. The Aries New Moon brings a direct, uncomplicated focus to affairs, helping us to move ahead in straight lines. This can be a great boon in many areas of life, but particularly with a situation that has previously felt stuck or too complex. It may be the case that we are motivated to take up fresh activity in an area that has been dormant or lacking in solutions.

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