• Winds of Change
  • March 01 2021

March Monthly Horoscope

The winds of change pick up their pace in March as Mars enters Gemini on the 3rd, where it will stay until April 23rd. For the first two months of 2021, the slow, deliberate energy of Mars in Taurus pumped our personal brakes, a counterbalance to the heady paradigm shifts of transpersonal planets Saturn and Jupiter ingressing into Aquarius. Now, with all three planets trine in air signs, those much-needed gusts of fresh energy can finally sweep through our everyday lives.

This New Moon, happening on 13th March, is one that has both the feeling of new beginnings and the potential feeling of the end of a cycle, too. It’s a New Moon where forgiveness and releasing of grudges is favored, as well as setting out to more deeply connect with all in our world that is spiritual and divine. This New Moon asks you to escape, just a little, to dive into the ocean, dance to your favorite music, pen a poem, cry a few tears and feel that you are Love. 

 The dreamy Pisces vibes continue after the new Moon as Mercury enters Pisces on March 15th where we can become more sensitive, just, sympathetic, good-humored, poetic, intuitive and imaginative mind, whilst being shy and reserved. Self-confidence is lessened in intellectual matters preferring to evaluate situations on the intuitive and imaginative level, feeling your way through our situation rather than reasoning and evaluating events. 

Our energy gets recharged with Aries Season on March 20th, we are motivated by the desire to conquer. This marks the beginning of the astrological New Year. The fiery Aries energy now promotes all impulses for growth with a spirit of optimism. We are more impulsive, and have the urge to initiate. Aries is a sign that bounces back quickly–there is little shame with Aries.you possess abundant creative energy and enthusiasm for life. Very brave, positive and competitive. 

Venus adds to the Aries fire with the planet of love moving into the warriors sign on March 21st. You will value your freedom and independence, though this may be interpreted as selfishness by others. To develop your personality to its fullest potential, the main task is one of gaining complete control over the physical and emotional natures to avoid extremes of embarrassing behaviour.

The Full Moon in Libra on March 28th will bring relationships into focus. Venus conjoins the Sun in Aries and is also sandwiched between Chiron and Ceres, indicating an opportunity for healing around the issue of nurturing either physical resources or relationships. The emphasis on Chiron suggests that there is room for healing, if we understand problems from a different angle, since polarized positions can mean that we see things through only one set of filters. The airy Moon in Libra suggests that a lightness and logic can be applied to help a situation. Since the Moon links us to our true needs, there may be an increasing need at this time for sharing and connection, whilst also wishing for peace.