March Monthly Horoscope


In this celestial narrative, March ignites our thoughts with urgency, pushing us towards swift, inventive actions, while the heart delves into depths of empathy and dreamy introspection. Love deepens, inviting us into a realm of selfless connection. Courage and optimism fuel our ventures, even as our assertiveness adopts a softer, more cooperative guise. Amidst these energies, a cosmic balance emerges, marking a time of endings and beginnings, urging us on a journey of personal and collective transformation. This period is a tapestry of growth and connection, a dance of fire and water, mind and heart, challenging us to navigate the intricate paths of our evolving selves.

When Mercury transits through Aries from March 9th, the pace of our thoughts and communications accelerates, emphasizing a more direct and assertive approach to expression. During this period, individuals tend to prioritize quick decision-making over lengthy deliberation, often leading to pioneering ideas and spontaneous conversations. This placement of Mercury encourages a competitive edge, enhancing one's ability to be quick-witted, observant, and inventive. It fosters an environment where original thoughts are not only generated but also eagerly put into action. Whether it's through writing, speaking, or debating, this transit provides an excellent opportunity to influence others and advocate for personal ideas with a newfound fervor. Mercury will be in Aries until May 10th which is longer than usual as we have Mercury Retrograde start on April 1st ( no joke )

It’s said that the longest journey is the one we take to get from the head to the heart. The journey from the Last New Moon in heady Aquarius to the destination of heart-centered Pisces has been quite the pilgrimage, with plenty of twists and turns all along the way. On March 10th, we finally make our soul’s landfall. Now’s the time we get to sow seeds in the realms of dreams, of the subconscious, using the mediums of prayer, meditation or other altered states.

A New Moon in Pisces is a peculiar event, what with Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac and thus, archetypically symbolizing endings, closure, transcendence and the eventual merging with all that is. This is the sign that wears all the colors of the rainbow, that absorbs all the qualities of the rest of the signs, thus embodying Wise Mystic, the Godhead, the Yogi. The highest expression of Pisces is the Intuitive Healer, the One that heals with unconditional love and endless compassion.

As Venus transitions into the emotive realm of Pisces on March 11th, our collective emotional landscape undergoes a profound transformation. This shift from the intellectual detachment of Aquarius to the immersive emotional waters of Pisces heralds a period rich in romance, gentleness, compassion, and sympathy. The entrance of Venus into Pisces signifies an auspicious time for relationships, with an emphasis on deepening emotional connections and fostering a selfless approach to love. During this transit, feelings of love are likely to deepen, becoming both strong and altruistic, filling our hearts with a yearning for meaning and poetic expression.

As the Sun enters Aries on March 19th, it heralds the astrological New Year, imbuing us with the pioneering spirit of Aries. This transition marks a period of heightened motivation driven by the desire to conquer and the readiness to initiate. Characterized by its fiery energy, Aries propels us forward with a spirit of optimism, urging us to act on our impulses for growth. The resilience of Aries ensures that setbacks are merely temporary obstacles, as this sign is known for its ability to bounce back quickly without dwelling on past failures. During this time, we embody an abundance of creative energy and enthusiasm for life, coupled with a brave, positive, and competitive outlook. The innate courage of Aries enables us to overcome challenges with physical boldness, while its enterprising nature opens doors to seizing new opportunities.

With Mars moving into Pisces from March 22nd, the dynamic of our assertiveness takes a noticeable turn. In Pisces, Mars expresses its energy through more emotional, sensitive, and unassuming ways. This positioning encourages actions that are cooperative, cultured, humorous, refined, and caring. Unlike its behavior in signs where aggression and directness are highlighted, Mars in Pisces prefers to navigate life's challenges with a gentle touch. This period is less about pursuing traditional ambitions and more focused on following spiritual or emotional impulses. There's a distinct aversion to confrontation, aligning with Pisces' preference for peace and understanding over conflict.

As far as Eclipses go, the Lunar Eclipse on March 25th in Libra is as friendly as it gets. To a certain degree. After all, Eclipses are well-known harbingers of intense events transpiring.

The darkening of the Luminaries are predictable markers of major global developments, such as war, assassinations, natural disasters, new world orders, and so forth. These enormous cosmic climaxes are mirrors of the equally enormous climaxes that appear in our own lives. Events perhaps not as large-scale as, say, a hurricane, but just as impactful. Marriages, divorces, relocations, births, deaths and career moves are some of the kinds of experiences that we see unfolding during an Eclipse. This is particularly pertinent during a Lunar Eclipse, which tends to bring certain chapters to an end, whilst opening the door for a new story.