• Shifting Energies
  • May 01 2020

May Monthly Horoscope

May is an action packed month astrologically with 3 planets turning retrograde! On May 4th, after 18 months of straddling the Cancer–Capricorn axis, the Moon’s nodes change signs with the North Node entering Gemini and the South Node moving into Sagittarius. This shift indicates that it’s time for humanity to ask important questions, to choose truth over the dance between “right and wrong,” to focus on the facts instead of what we want to believe, and to keep an open mind when listening to others, instead of judging their ideas based on our pre-existing biases

The Scorpio Full Moon on May 7th brings the usual amount of intensity associated with this deep water sign but with added force. The magnetic side of Scorpio can manifest in feeling pulled towards something or someone in a compulsive, irresistible way. Yet, getting closer to the core can feel a little too extreme, even suffocating. At which point, the instinctive response may be to pull way back. This may just be the way of things for a while, and our job is merely to observe and understand the dynamic.

Saturn goes retrograde on May 10th at 1°57' Aquarius. Saturn retrograde transits are a perfect time for identifying our challenges and finding what we need to overcome them. Saturn’s pressurizing manner is generally less intense during its retrograde transits so with some of the heat off, we may feel more enabled to face the problems of these transits with new eyes.

Venus goes retrograde on May 12th at 21°50' Gemini, Venus is unusually spending four-month long months in the sign of Gemini. This retrograde inspires us to seek out new and interesting relationships and makes us painfully aware of the times when we are not intellectually stimulated by our companions. Venus in Gemini thrives on intelligent, witty conversation and is easily bored or distracted when a conversation becomes circular or dull. 

Jupiter comes to a standstill on May 14th at 27°14' Capricorn. It is a good time to work on your yourself. This is a very personal process and can last for days, weeks or even months. The important thing here is to access your journey through life and unravel it in small parts.

Am I happy in my job? How do relationships affect my peace? Am I becoming the person I have always wanted to be? With the answers within grasp, it becomes easier to know what we are doing right and wrong. Keep the right and work in the wrong, readjusting some points of view and attitudes.

All these planets are at their closest proximity to the Earth during their retrograde phases, so they draw us inward to uncover our inner power, to claim our inner authority, to understand our relationship needs more fully, and to explore a deeper sense of life’s meaning.

 The Gemini New Moon on May 22nd helps us to make greater progress by working on more than one option at a time. This could be confusing and tiring, though, and might require concentration and patience. Besides, whilst one person may be strongly motivated, another person may be less willing to move ahead. Perhaps we need to allow others to catch up or wait until everyone gets on the same page.