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  • May 01 2022

May Monthly Horoscope

The astrological energies heat up in May just off the back of the Taurus partial solar eclipse on April 30th! 

Venus enters Aries on May 2nd indicates an impulsive, passionate, extrovert and bold romantic nature. There is a need for constant variety in both your romantic and social lives. You may make friends easier and are fond of love and admiration. You make an enthusiastic, lively friend and an energetic colleague.

Mercury in Gemini will join Pluto in retrograde on May 10th in this busy, curious sign! Over these few weeks of Retrograde, from May 10th until June 3rd. Thinking is a little less clear that Gemini would like it. Then Mercury regresses back in Taurus before finally coming back to Gemini on June 13th! Thats one busy messenger planet..

Hence, over this Mercury in Gemini period, and especially over the Retrograde period, it’s important to stay open, yet focused and perhaps even to think about limiting our options to just a few choices, so that we can feel on top of things, mentally.

Jupiter the behemoth planet moves from Pisces into Aries also on May 10th. Jupiter represents expansion, growth, higher wisdom and what we are learning and moving through.  Jupiter is where we understand that there is always more to learn. With Jupiter in Pisces, we expanded our spiritual understanding and compassion towards others. In Aries, Jupiter will be most comfortable in a growth environment that allows for the freedom to evolve our identity and express ourselves. This is a very innovative placement because Jupiter expands and Aries is a pioneer.

Jupiter transited Aries last in 2010 and 2011, and Jupiter transits Aries again from May 10th to Oct 28, 2022 where it retrogrades back into Pisces and finally moves into Aries again from Dec 20, 2022, to May 16, 2023.

Eclipse Season continues on May 16th with the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. This one is particularly intense, what with the Moon in the sign of her ‘fall’, and the Eclipse itself being at a degree very close to the ‘demon star’, Algol. Is there a way out of this madness Happening close to midnight and being a total Eclipse, the only way out is through. Avoiding, escaping or burying our heads in the sand simply won’t serve our highest evolution. It could be tempting to run and hide, seeing as the ancient, traditional ruler of Scorpio – Mars – is locked into a very close conjunction with misty and evasive Neptune. But perhaps we could use this to our advantage – perhaps we could look at ways in which we can heal, forgive and find deep compassion for all that we - and others - are going through at this time. 

Gemini Season begins on May 20th. Gemini Season invites us to, instead, enjoy every different spice that life has to offer rather than stick to just one thing. Neither is better or worse - it’s just different, and Gemini just loves different! As the sign of the twins, Gemini has both a shadow and a light side.

Mars enters Aries on May 24th until July 5th. Let the spontaneous, fiery, get-up-and-go energy inspire you to partake in some kind of physical exercise; if you don’t direct this huge amount of energy into a physical outlet, it could make you feel extremely restless and fidgety, and may find its way out through sudden bursts of anger and flare-ups of temper.

Venus moves into Taurus on May 28th. When Aphrodite is here, her energy becomes soft, nurturing and romantic. Venus in Taurus knows how to live life to the fullest, and little expense is spared in the pursuit of pleasure! Of course, Venus in Taurus is known for being possessive and cautious, too – she knows where every penny is spent and how!

Finally we have a New Moon in Gemini on May 30th. This moon may give you extra motivation and energy. You may make greater progress by working on more than one thing at a time. Geminis are master multitaskers. It could be tiring though, and might require concentration and patience. Besides, whilst one person may be strongly motivated, another person may be less willing to move ahead.


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