May Monthly Horoscope

Pluto’s retrograde phase from May 2nd, 2024, at 2° Aquarius 06' Rx to October 11, 2024, at 29° Capricorn 38' coincides with a critical period for the United States. During this time, the astrological climate reflects a significant overhaul of existing structures and systems, particularly in governance, economic policies, and societal frameworks. This retrograde suggests a revisiting of past themes and structures, potentially unearthing deep-seated issues that require resolution or transformation.
A gentle, delicious, luxurious, and juicy New Moon dawns in the lush sign of Taurus on May 7th. Here, the Queen of Heaven is known as ‘exalted’, meaning that she’s at her strongest and most powerful in this most peaceful and patient of earth signs. 
The energy brought with this Moon is abundant and delightfully hedonistic. She invites us all to bask in the comforts and embodied pleasure that is the birthright of Taurean season. This serves as soothing balm to our souls after the wild ride of the previous month’s eclipse storms. Storms which may only be dying down not to a slow-burning ember, a reminder of the shifts and chaos that preceded this period of relative calm.
Venus, the ruler of this New Moon, sits snugly beside both Luminaries, lending her gifts of love, affection, sweetness, and charm. This is a lunation that lacks nothing; it’s overflowing with possibilities. Possibilities to begin again in the realms of our relationships, most specifically. Possibilities to get back in touch with the wisdom of our bodies, the security of our physical world. Eclipse Season tossed, churned turned our worlds upside down, with many endings and just as many new beginnings. The call was to choose ourselves over people-pleasing patterns, to make strong decisions against the face of all odds. 
Mercury enters Taurus on May 15th, offering a steady, realistic, and patient mindset. This transit has the potential to enhance your powers of concentration, encouraging diligence, perseverance, and endurance of the mind, enabling you to acquire knowledge and a sound education. Your personality may take on a special attraction, enabling people to recognize your real worth and value, which could deepen relationships and foster pleasant communication. You might also find yourself more successful in expressing yourself forthrightly, with an aura of kindness, softness, and tenderness refining your logical abilities.
Throughout this time, you may feel more sociable, friendly, and affectionate, though stubbornness and irritability could arise when others disagree. This period may also incline you toward securing practical, material, or financial results, making it important to keep an open mind and avoid rigid perspectives. Watch out for laziness and overindulgence as well.
Welcome to Gemini Season! This busy, dynamic period kicks off on May 20th, bringing a stark contrast to the slow, sensual, and grounding Taurus season. The entry into Gemini may feel like hitting the fast-forward button, accelerating the pace and inviting fresh changes. Unlike steady Taurus, Gemini thrives on variety and avoids boredom, preferring to explore every facet life has to offer.
Gemini Season encourages us to embrace diversity and enjoy the multitude of experiences available, rather than sticking to just one thing. Neither is inherently better or worse—it's simply a different approach, and Gemini celebrates the differences. As the sign of the twins, Gemini embodies both light and shadow.
The Full Moon in the sign of the Cosmic Archer on May 23rd is one that reflects an air of urgency. A journey is coming to an end. One that’s been full of twists and turns, surprises and slowdowns. One that’s ultimately given us the experiences we’ve needed, although perhaps not always wanted. Sagittarius is the sign of the Philosopher. No matter how challenging the situation, this is one Archetype that manages to always find the silver lining. There’s always something to learn.
So, what have we learnt in these months gone by? What experiences have we had - easy or challenging - that have shaped us into the Hero(ine) that we are now? Can we see the moral of the story? There’s a happy ending in sight, though, to be fair, we might still need to slay a dragon or two, whether psychological or physical. See, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, mythical Hades, is tightly trine the Sun and sextile the Moon. Even these easy aspects to the generational planets can pack a punch. They’re hard to start with, but usually have a smooth landing.
As Venus transits through Gemini on May 25th, you may feel a stronger attraction to those with whom you can connect on an intellectual level and share similar mentalities. This fast-paced, quick-moving energy contrasts with the slower tempo of Taurus, which may have influenced Venus-related areas such as love, finances, values, material possessions, and beauty over the past month. With Venus now in Gemini, you might notice things picking up the pace again, or feel the need to get the ball rolling in these areas.
It's important to watch out for potential lower expressions of Gemini energy, such as being unfocused, inconsistent, and nervous. Try to let go of any feelings that you need to rush or that things aren't happening quickly enough. Being an Air sign, Gemini embodies a masculine or yang energy, which may lead to a desire to go-go-go, getting bored easily, and moving on to the next thing or, in the case of relationships, the next person.

The King of the Gods, AKA Jupiter or Zeus, is also shifting from slow-moving, patient Taurus to quick-witted, silver-tongued Gemini on May 25th, 2024. Here, he’ll stay until June 9th, 2025, making this year-long sojourn one of curiosity, variety and knowledge-building. If things have moved too slowly for our liking in Taurus - well - we’re about to pick up the pace to a breakneck speed. The sign of the twins loves nothing more than to be busy. In fact, the busier, the better.

Jupiter symbolizes growth and expansion. Being the biggest planet in our Solar System, he’s larger than life. He heightens the energy of the signs that he visits, for better or for worse. In Taurus, there was a focus on financial, material and relationship growth. In Gemini, we move into the more abstract realms of the mind. Looking at the signs from an Evolutionary perspective - from the Aries infant all the way to the Mystic Crone symbolized by Pisces, Gemini is the symbolic Toddler. Learning about the world for the first time, this open-minded sign is curious to a fault, quick to learn, highly adaptable and extremely changeable.